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A Fairy standing upon the edge of a knife

    Our mind will wish to start using the techniques, while learning martial arts such as Karate, Silambam, wrestling, etc. Such interest will come to a moderate and matured state with regular practice sessions. This is common to all subjects. It was very much interesting in the beginning stage for me. But, I had to face several cumulative failures after the success in the first phase of training. It can also be considered that my mind was not unpleasant due to these failures.

It can also be declared that these failures awakened the warrior within my mind, made me to regular practice continuously, while my mind was also peaceful. Due to these practices or due to the God’s grace, these failures transformed into successes. After the completion of practice, I thought to practice the skill just to check my potentiality, but not just for fun or show.

The first Sidhi I had attained in chanting the Adharvana Veda Mantra was a success got in an unexpected time. But, I got the Mohini Kanma Vasiya Sidhi (the power of controlling a succubus fairy or a fascinating woman). I attempted the power of this Sidhi at the Pooja room in my hermitage home at my native place. I thought to call a succubus fairy with the power of the magical mohini vasiya mantra, as I had completed the practice of this mantra. I started implementing this session immediately. Before chanting the real mantra, I have completed all the exterior formalities and then sat in penance by closing my eyes and chanted the mantra for about 1008 times.

I was shocked when I opened my eyes, after the completion of chanting the mantras. I have never experienced such a shock for any other reason till now.  A beautiful fairy was standing in front of me staring deeply without blinking her eyes. The movement of her curly long hair in the air will shake our mind even if we think about that now. I have come across such a woman character only in the historical novels written by chandilyan.

Her posture in a white costume with denser and black hair, complexion in sandal colour, blue eyes, shining Kumkum upon the forehead, red lips like roses, the aroma arose from her, have not left from my mind. That scene was very much romantic. But, I do not have words to explain the fear felt within my mind, when I happened to meet her in face to face.
My heart was fluttering, body was shivering and completely perspiring, unable to open the mouth to scream, even today this is a shivering incident to me. We do not remember any kind of explanation when we meet an image in front of us, even though we know that an image will appear in front of us when we chant the respective mantra.

Moreover, there are two reasons for my fear. One, the threatening stories about Mohini heard in the childhood. This is one of the important stories. In the ancient days, people used to come in bullock cart from Trivandrum to participate in the Thaipoosam festival celebrated in the Uvari Suyambu Linga Sami Temple.

It became night when a person came in a bullock cart and reached that place. There was no one in front or in back of the cart. A young woman stopped the cart. The old man riding the cart asked her, who are you? What do you want?

That woman asked, I have a beetel leaf, but do not have the limestone. Give me if you have. The cart riding old man was not an ordinary man. He was a professional malayalam  magician. He felt that the woman asking for limestone is not a human woman, but, a wild fairy who live in that forest.

Instantly, he offered the limestone keeping it in the edge of a sharp knife, which he was having in the hip for his self protection. The Mohini became gentle as soon as she touched the limestone offered by the old man as he had chanted a mantra while keeping the limestone on the knife. The old man fixed a nail upon the scalp of the fairy woman and brought her into his control, took her along with him to do the household work at his home.

One day, after completion of all the household work, the fairy woman requested the daughter-in-law of the old man to check for the lice in her head, as she is unable to bear the lice bites. That girl started searching for the lice in the fairy’s head. She asked the fairy Oh! What a big nail on your head? The fairy replied to remove that nail from her head.

That lady removed the nail from the fairy’s head. Instantly, the mohini was released from the magical control of the old man, she killed the lady by tearing her stomach and went away to get settled in her place at the forest. This story was told by my grandmother Shanmuga Vadivu when I was a kid.
I heard this story very interestingly, widening my eyes and mouth. Moreover, a wild fairy will not leave the beautiful boys and men until the death, when it happens to catch them. She will suck their life. Such kind of threatening fears experienced in the childhood will continue to any age.

I know the hymn of inviting the fairy but do not know the formal hymn sending back the appeared fairy. The work which is done in hurry without knowing the procedures completely will end with a mess like this.

But, I did that good work in that fearful and threatening movement. I chanted the words ‘Rama, Rama’ within my mind. This was not surely a planned solution. The fearful movement and the situation of a helpless position have forced me to spell the God’s name.

But at last it is good that I was saved. The fairy has left the place without any notice. Thereafter, I was not practicing such kind of kiddy applications in any matter in hurry. I did the formal tests and practice sessions after few months from the day of these incidents.

I applied few of my magical skills for my friend Velu Naicker Alias Muruga vel to rescue some conflicts and problems of the mental illness suffered by him. The outcome was having excellent results. Hence I used the mythological magic powers for the welfare of my friends to solve their problems. This was a good practice for me to enhance my mystic powers. I used these magic powers for the welfare of others after a span of ten years and only after gaining a good experience and expertise in using these powers.

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