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Where shall the Pooja Room be kept?

   Sir, I am constructing a new home from my long time hard earned money. I wish to have an individual Pooja Room to worship the God and do meditation over there. Where the Pooja Room shall be kept as per the Vaasthu Sasthra? Kindly guide me like how you provide simple explanations to others for their problems.


   My best wishes for you to construct the home in the hard earned money saved by you. The people who live in the rented house will only know the value of an owned house.  I pray the God to shower all kinds of wealth upon you to live peacefully in the proposed new home.

Moreover, it will be a better option to keep the Pooja Room in the North – East direction irrespective of the direction of the prime entrance of your home.

If this is not possible the Pooja Room can be kept in the East, North directions.  But the Pooja Room shall never be kept in the South corner of the home.

Likewise a toilet shall never be built exactly on top of the Pooja Room or on the bottom portion of the Pooja Room. Today there are many people who are not afforded to allot a separate room for performing Pooja.  Few people worship the God in a small place of their bedroom.  Their devotion is appreciable but according to Vaasthu Sasthra this type of worship shall not be done.

Likewise, there shall two individual doors for a Pooja Room.  They shall be made in wood only.  Plastic, Iron doors shall not be used.

Windows, Ventilators shall not be kept in the Pooja Room.

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