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Vastu Remedy for all kinds of religion

    Those Those people who build new homes in the plots bought by them newly as per the Vastu specifications. The time and facilities will be cooperative for this or the people who live in individual homes can rectify or amend their homes with the Vastu remedial solutions. Many people in the city live in flats and apartments. If they have any problems in their life, how can these people get remedies as per the Vastu Shastra? There are many practical discrepancies in rebuilding the home after demolishing. What to do for this? Shall we have to consider this as our fate and resume our lives?

Many people suffer from facing such kind of problems these days having no solutions to them. Recently, one of my friends has purchased a home, valuing up to five crores situated in the heart of Mumbai city. This home was equipped with a garden, swimming pool, etc., and also was facilitated with modern, luxurious interiors which leaded the home to a grand external appearance. The toilet built in the home was fixed in the southwest direction which is called as NAIROOTHI corner as per the Vastu Shastra. This is the major problem.
My friend did not bother about this, as he was unaware of the effects caused by this improper construction. Many senior people have advised that he will suffer hardly due to this. Likewise, he has been suffering from various diseases physically and mentally since few months from the day of his occupation in this beautiful home. At last, he has come to a conclusion to sell that home to any rate.

He told about this casually, during our tele-conversation with me. I told him that let the toilet be in the southwest direction in his home. I asked him about the place, where the sewerage accumulation tank is situated in his home. He answered me that this is situated in the northwest direction.
According to Vastu shastra, observations have to be done to whole land where the home is situated and there is no need to observe such formulations for the homes situated in the land independently. Hence you do not negotiate the home in hurry.

My friend was not completely happy with my answer. He asked me about any remedies for this. Actually, the Vastu Shastra is not such a minor subject, such that anybody can do anything and do some remedial, if they face any problem. The Vastu Shastra is not responsible if you dig the land for water in the EESANYA corner of the land, do some remedial to rescue from the problems that may arise out of this. There are many remedial solutions detailed in the book VASTU SAMHITHAI written by MAYAN to get rescued from the Vastu problems that arise in the homes situated in the flats and apartments.

You can invite the students from the veda school and distribute food in charity to them on a Full moon day during the month of PURATTASI after arranging a Vedic chant at your home. All the people living in the home will be cured of all the diseases and the home will be formed with a pure atmosphere.

All our sufferings will get winded up if you worship your FAMILY GOD in a simple way after doing the weekly worship of the FAMILY GOD if you feel that the land portion situated in the east portion alias the direction of Indra, is having fault. If you don’t know who your FAMILY GOD is, you may also worship the god favourite to you.

All the problems of the family members faced through the food eaten by them and the mental sufferings of the women will get resolved by doing Ganapathi Homam and Mrutyunjaya Homam on the CHATHURTHI DAY of the THAI month if you feel that the land portion situated in the South East portion alias the direction of Agni, is having fault.

All the problems will get determined and all the debts will reduce while the cash flow will increase by performing the Vedic recommended holy ancestral deed named THENPULATHAR DEBT if you feel that the land portion situated in the South portion alias the direction of Ema, is having fault.

The problems incurred due to the faults of the very important corner of southwest direction alias NAIROOTHI corner, will be remedied by doing a deed named THACHUKAZHIPPU, i.e., carpentry work done with the help of carpenters. Generally, such kind of deed is performed before doing the new home ceremony by the non-Brahmins of the people living in the southern zone of Tamil Nadu. Those people will surely guide us properly if we enquire details with them.

If you have faults in the west direction alias the corner of Varuna, special abishegam and pages shall be performed by Lord Shiva by duly chanting the Shiva Panchatchara mantra during the shivarathri and Mahashivrathri of every month. All the effects of the faults arose in the corner of varuna will get erected and developments in the professional business career will occur.

The North West direction is called as the corner of Vayu. The children and the unmarried people will face problems if any faults are there in this corner. Good results can be attained by dedicating an offer of silk saree to the Goddess after performing abishegam and prayers with devotion, to avoid such problems and discrepancies.

The North direction is called as the corner of Kubera. The Financial and social status along with status of professional business of the Head of the family will have to face problems, troubles and confusions with losses, if any faults are there in this corner. Lord Narayana shall be worshipped to come out of such life problems after following the systematic fasting procedures on every Ekadasi. Cloths shall be offered in charity to the Vedic Pandits. Food shall be offered as Annadhanam to the poor people at least once in a year.

Always remember and act that all the above said remedial methods will be truly effective only if the ground floor area of the flats or apartments is constructed as per the Vastu specifications and the Vastu faults of individual homes located here will also be resolved with this remedial steps. Moreover, these remedies will be suitable to all kinds of religion, the Christians and Muslims may have conflicts in following these remedial methods and may not happily undergo these solutions.

Many Christian and Muslim devotees contact and ask me solutions for their own problems and I am happily suggesting them suitable remedies with confidence. But, they reply that their family members will not accept this and the neighbors may mock upon this. The innocence of them cannot be declared as wrong.

Many experienced elders say that the construction of a home is being done in India and China as per the Vastu Shastra and the people of other countries do not care about this. Hence, the art of Vastu is common to all castes of people living in any country. It is one of our duties to provide remedy for their problems. If this is believed then they can go on doing the remedies, we have no concerned about this, even if they do not follow this.

If the Muslim devotees believe that they have any Vastu fault in their homes, they have to read the nineth to eleventh hymns of the eleventh chapter of the hooth from the Holy Kuran after their early morning prayer. Good benefits can be attained with this definitely. Likewise the Christian devotees can also enjoy by released from the Vastu faults by reading the first part of the prasangi chapter of the Adi Agama from the Holy Bible, during the night prayer regularly.

Many Muslim and Christian devotees who read these remedial steps may ask for a proof of this and may comment upon me that these deeds are false notions only and are wrong thoughts as per our religion. My answer for such people is only this. This is a remedy advised by various Muslim and Christian and elder people known to me. I cannot disclose any kind of literary proof for this. But I have lively seen many people experiencing excellent benefits of following these remedies suggested by me.

You may not have confidence in the art of Vastu. But there is no possibility for you to have disbelief upon the Holy Kuran and the Holy Bible or the Holy Sayings of the God. Hence, do follow these remedies with confidence. You will enjoy a very peaceful life definitely.

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