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Is the family an obstruction to do meditation?

   Many devotees question me while talking to me over the telephone that Can a person having a family eligible to do meditation? Practice Yoga?  Few more people question me fearfully – Will a family person becomes mad if he does meditation?  Many people convey from long time that my answer for these people exclusively is today’s registered meditation. 

 There are in many types in doing meditation.  We have read about various sages having kids after marriage.   Our ancient epics also mention that those sages were powerful. 

We have been seeing various saints having blessed by God in spite of them being in a family.  If the people being in a family life shall not meditate, then where can these sages be included?  A family life is like a pond full of crocodiles, we need to get in to the pond by applying turmeric upon our body to get escaped from the crocodile biting us. 

Likewise, if we apply the devotion on God as the turmeric upon our mind to get escaped from the affectionate crocodiles of the family life, there will not be any obstruction to do the meditation and the yoga. 

But while practicing the special yoga such as Kundalini, we must follow the celibacy principles even if we are within a family.

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