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How to make the name as lucky?

     A name is very important for a human being. By listening to the name Ramachadran, we will remember the face of our distant relative Ramachandran only, and not the face of the son of the king dasaradha. Then only we will try to know who is behind that Ramachandran’s name. Like such a name is linked with the human. We cannot remember or realize anything.

Because of the prominence to the name, few people say that the life of a person is fixed by the name. If a man gets a good name he will reach to the high end of the life. But we cannot consider that the name, whether it is a name of a country, a religion, or unrelated to any other name which will have its own power to that name will alone can decide the life of a person.

There are many people who have the name called panner selvam. All of them are in different positions but everyone did not get fame like V.G.Pannerdas. We can decide approximately that there is no connection between a name and one’s life. We are in a position that we cannot deny this fact of implementing the name change of a person has changed his life to a great extent. Hence we feel that there shall be a magnetic power in the name also.

We think that the name of a person is created after his birth.  But many of the sages who have created the Naadi astrology do not think like this.  We consider that his name is pre-determined before his birth during the fetus stage of the child. Their opinion is that the name which was decided previously that the name shall be kept to the child born to this man and that woman.

We are unable to leave this as wrong.  A child is born.  The father or mother plan to keep a name chosen by them.  But some one else who is unconnected to the situation comes and keeps a name to the born child.  That name become permanent in due course.  The name kept to a few people gets changed to another name before they become to the adult stage.  They are called in unrelated names.

The names are changed due to civilization, party, policy, conversion, etc.  The people who have the faith in the name change and the people who want to famously travel in the literary worlds will change their names frequently.  Few people are habited to change their names frequently.    All the names will not withstand even if they are changed thousand times.  Only one name will remain standard until the end even if likes or dislikes it.  He will be called with that name only.  The so called name only would have been the name pre determined before his birth.

A man shall get such a name which is pre determined before his birth.  If he gets like that, then it will create good vibrations to him and produce his mind as superior and intelligent.  But unluckily, names for many people is not fixed to be much lucky.  There is no point in keep changing the names frequenly due to the name not set as lucky.

Few people will keep their name by just adding or removing few letters from their names as per the numerology.  This also cannot be declared as a correct method.  A name is fixed for others to call us.  Whatever power of vibration we get while others call us that is the vibration for that name.  This vibration cannot be obtained by just interchanging the characters in the name.

Hence the name pertaining to us is the name called by many people in the society and in our family.  The is no proof that our life will get changed if the name is changed differently.  Hence we shall try to add power to our name which is set to us instead of change the name.  Many people may think how to make the name powerful.  There is an easy way for this.

The mantras spelled by us are made of ordinary words only.  How the mantras get the power unlike the other words?  That word is spelled frequently by various people at various situations.  If a word is spelled many times a power will be created within that word.  That is the power of the Nada sakthi which is in the pranava.  If our name is spelled like that, it will also get a power within that.

For example, we feel a kind of vibration while spelling the names of some political leaders, celebrities, etc. Why?  Because their name is spelled hundreds of times of by many hundreds of people.  Hence their name becomes like a mantra with the power of the vibration of being spelled by others.  If our name also becomes like a mantra then all kinds of wealth and freshness will automatically happen in our life.

What to do for this?  It is a very easy work to be done.  We have to spell our name in our mind again and again every day.  The name will become more powerful according to the number of pronouncing’s or spellings done by us.  Only then the name will have the power.  There will be no use of changing a name per month differently.

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