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Debtor and Lover appear by closing the eyes

  Is there any special ways to focus the mind while doing meditation?


     There was a Monkey; the name monkey itself means it is smart in doing naughty things.  The monkey was caught by a ghost.  The monkey caught by a ghost drank pot full of liquor.  After drinking the alcohol, the monkey was fuddled and was bitten by a scorpion when it has inserted one of its hands into a tree’s burrow.   How the situation will be?  Think a while.  Our mind is also like a thousand monkeys of the above monkey if we render a work our mind will jump to another branch and hang in the same and dance.  It will not make us to stay calm.  Meditation is like a rope which binds an unruly cow.

But when we sit in meditation and close our eyes to think about God, the Debtor appears in front of our closed eyes.  The girl upon whom a young age affair was there will also appear in front of our closed eyes.  This is the common state of the human mind. Lord Krishna also advises in the Bhagavad Geetha that such a kind of mind can be controlled by having a focus on continuous habits regularly. Hence, you always do meditate regularly without having any kind of tiredness in your efforts and having a complete interest irrespective of the type of meditation.  Go forward without caring and worrying upon the small hindrances that may occur frequently. It is for sure that we can view the grand vision of the gracious God.

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