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Come, let us become millionaire !

How the social status of a man is concluded?
Many of us think like this.  The person having various properties, lots of cash in hand, etc. will be respected by the society. Is this true?  There is no possibility of this being true.  I have seen numerous rich people in my life.  I have very close relationship with them frequently.  They are not respected just because of their wealth.  A person well known to me was having enormous wealth.  He will not be cared by any one even if he visits to a home where a wedding ceremony is proposed but will just be wished for formality.  Many people will be appointed to inspect the place around him. 

It is because that person will talk illegibly without having any connection about any thing and without thinking about the consequences after gradually starting his talk having betel leaves in his mouth.  Few marriages have stopped due to his talk. Many compensatory stages have become war fields.

But we will not care about all this. We will become happy with considering himself as a scholar saying that all these people are mad, all are fighting without listening to what he says.  In fact, the wealth owned by him has saved him from not getting any beatings from anyone but not yielded any kind of respect to him.  Likewise there are many rich and mad people worse than him in various places.

Few people think that name and fame can be attained by having a powerful position in spite of having lots of money.  We think that every person is saluting, standing up in respect, leave him a way, if a person becomes a member of legislative assembly even though he was a street side rogue in his previous life.

Many innocent people lose their deposit in the election thinking that respect is attained due to a position.  Many people live around like pitiable persons when they lose their real life due to the dream of political position.  A friend of mind has been performing as a member of the legislative assembly for the past several years.  He has also been the state head of a very famous national party.  Every one salutes in front of him and comment him with violently and curse behind him.  The reason is that only very few have got benefited by him while many have got affected severely due to his unfair and selfish behavior. Because of such an attitude he is in a corner in spite of having thorough political knowledge.

Hence the respect in the society is not decided based on the position or the wealth of a person.  The good principles followed by him will only decide the respectful position in the society.  What is the profit of a honeycomb being tied up to the tail of a dog?  The dog also cannot taste the honey.  Likewise, there is no benefit to anyone by a person being rich, having position and social status, but not having a good character and principles.  The world will praise him formally, but will never bless him whole heartedly.

There was a tuition teacher in arakandanallur in the name of Ranganathan master. He is not a teacher in any school. He is a great scholar in English and Hindi languages.  He is not only an expert, but also an excellent, characterized person lived with good principles.  If he goes to a place, many millionaires and ordinary farmers also stand up and salute him as soon as they see his face as he was never angry to even a small kid also.  Many people trained by him are performing as Engineers, Doctors, District Collectors, and also as seniors in the Police Department.

He never got any help from anyone during his lifetime.  In spite of the poverty he lived a principled life and even today he is remembered by many people, and lives in their hearts.  If a person has to live even after death, it is possible only by having good character and not by being rich or having a position.

Hence we have to show a bit of interest in leading a good characterized and principled life while we show interest in earning money, social position, etc. I will not tell that money or social position is not required to lead the life.  But a person cannot live only by having all this.  An immoral person is considered as the drainage like the proverb, the food without the salt is a waste.  Hence let us strive hard to earn good character in life with a hand while we earn money, social status etc. with the other hand. This is the theme of becoming a blissful human life millionaire.

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