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The remedy to get rid off the curse of cobra

   Honorable Guruji, Namaskar.  I am married before five years and three fetuses have been decayed till now.  Everyone approached by me with my birth horoscope declare that I have a curse of cobra. And it is difficult to get a child born to me.  I have never harmed any cobra or snake as far as I know.  Then how could a cobra curse me?  How can I tolerate a punishment for the offense not committed by me.  In which way this is fair?  Sir, please show me a way with which I can live happily as a child’s mother.  I would be highly grateful to you.


   We have been seeing upon too much usage of the words Nagadosham, Nagashapam, etc. in the astrological theory.  The astrologers suggest remedies like making Cobra’s image or icon in silver, gold, and worship that regularly and pour milk in the serpent’s hole with devotion, etc.  Hearing such remedies, many people think that there is some squirrel between us and the cobras, and hence we have a blemish in our horoscope.

Actually, there is no connection between a cobra and the blemish in our horoscope except the word cobra being used in this. The connection between a cobra and the blemish in our horoscope is such a witness less hopeless superstitious belief like a cobra spitting a gemstone from its mouth by hearing the sound of a pungi.  

We all know that the shadow planets like Rahu-Kethu of the nine planets will be in the shape of a cobra. The words Nagadosham, Nagashapam, etc. in the astrological theory are being used based on the collections of the transformations of these planets. For example the great saint Jaimini Maharishi says that if the fifth home is not focused by the planets gracing good benefits, if the Rahu-Kethu are in the ninth place, if Rahu or Kethu is in the raised place of the Janma Lagnam of a person, of the Rahu is placed along with the fifth ruler, then that horoscope is called as Nagadosha horoscope.

Your horoscope also has Nagadosham. I think that the astrologers have spelled this in an enhanced way. But this cannot be considered as your impotency is due do this. The seventh home of your horoscope shows some conflicts.  It is clear that the relationship between both your husband and wife is not smooth.  If you need a child the relationship between a husband and wife shall be loveable. If this is not there, how you will get a child. Hence, you try to resolve the conflicts between both of you. You will be blessed with a child.

Let us come to the point now. Let us see the remedies for the people having Nagadosham in their horoscope. Success can be attained easily by getting the magnetic power of the planets since this crisis has come due to the planets. Hence, to get the holy magnetic power of the planets keep a colorful flower touching your body regularly by changing the color of the flower. With this, the cobra curse will become a boon. By worshiping the idol of Lord Krishna dancing on the cobra named Kalinga.

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