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Poverty arrives if North is raised

     Dear Guruji, I am Shridharan from Vadakkankulam, my humble salutations to you. Our family debts are being increased day by day for the past two decades.  Professional growth is unstable.  My younger brother is working as a teacher.  His salary serves the purpose of paying the interest of our debts.  We don’t think what to do.  Few elder people who visit our home counsel us that poverty will be progressive if we live in such a home which is raised in North side.  We have been living in this home for the past three decades. We are unable to rebuild our home and we don’t have a way to live anywhere else. Kindly advice us a rightful solution to solve our problem.
Tirunelveli District.

   “Northern bed is the bed of the Poverty” this is the proverb of Vastu. As per the Vastu ethics at home will be the best if built as lower on the right side and raised on the South side.  It will be a home offering a great life.  Instead, if it is raised in the North direction, it will lead to poverty, diseases, and legal problems etc.

It is clear that you couldn’t modernize your home.  Where can a new shirt be bought if there is no way for even the bread.  I agree you.  But I am reluctant that you could not change your living place.  If you are serious in leading a peaceful life, you could have changed to another place long back, like a deer can also live in a bird’s nest if it has a vigorous thought.  Admit this that you didn’t have a strong motive to migrate to another place.

Medicine can be used as a coating to fewer diseases.  Few more medicines have to be swallowed.  There are few more diseases which have to be dealt with surgical treatment.  The hurting disastrous effects have to be tolerated if this surgery is rejected and a civet coat is insisted to cure the disease.  What you have got now is a large tumor and surgery is the only solution.  Hence vacate and come out of the house immediately without any second thought to enjoy a better life ahead.

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