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Our debts will be cleared by drinking water in dreams

   Dear Guruji, my salutations to you. I am seeing a unique dream frequently. I feel thirsty when I see a vessel full of water. I get down into a lake and drink water like a puppy dog. In spite of drinking stomach full of water, I couldn’t control my thirst and still I am licking the water like a dog. If I had dreamt this dream only once it would not have bothered me. I have been watching this for many days. I could not understand what is this reason? What is the lesson from this dream? Kindly explain me.


  A dream will differ for everyone based on the mentality, thoughts, and nature of a human. One of the teachers of a cultural Veda School asked me. In my dreams I eat eggs, but in reality if I think about an egg I get the vomiting sensation. Then how did I dream? He was piteous to me.

Both the objects, which is utmost fond to us and also of our dislike will be in depth of our mind, and so they appear in our dreams. Hence, we don’t have to fear upon the scenes of our dreams. Dreams are like the movies. They may seem like anything to us and may pull any extent.

There is no wonder if a flower merchant dreams as if he goes in a Palanquin. Because many flowers are decorated in the Palanquins where god idols are taken and the Palanquins of a dead body. The flower merchant has connections with such Palanquins. But It is surely a wonder if this merchant dreams like him riding a plane. Isn’t it? The person who his asking this question may wonder that he is drinking the water, which is commonly drunk by the human unlike the creatures.

There has to be a pet dog in his home or in his neighborhood. He should have seen the dog drinking milk or water. This scene would have got registered in his mind. You may ask why he got this dream of drinking water in a lake like a dog. I think this also is not a wonder.

In my views, he will get such a dream, whenever he gets the urinal sensation in the sleep and he continues to sleep by controlling it. You may check this if you feel.  

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