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Mysterious Herb That Develops Business

   A friend of mine had a wide experience in running hotel business. He had been running a successful hotel for about ten years, in a town close to his village. All on a sudden an idea struck him. He had a desire to start at least a small hotel in Chennai. He wanted to earn on a larger scale. As he did not have sufficient cash in hand, he sold one of his fields. The funds were still not sufficient. So he sold the jewels of his wife and children, and started a hotel business in an important and busy street in Chennai.

In the beginning for about three months, the business went on well. Then gradually the business began to slow down. In a few days, the prepared food items had to be thrown out. He began to wonder if the food items were below standard or not tasty. When he examined the food, he could not find any fault with it. Although the food items were not good and tasty in the nearby hotels, they had good business. He struggled several times even to make the payments for the workers.

There is a proverb in Tamil which says, the lady who went after a king, lost also her husband. A similar thing happened to this man who left his business in his native place and went to Chennai. His wife back in the village, consulted several astrologers, but could not get any solution to the problem. The hotel owner attempted to solve the problem in several ways, but nothing seemed to work.

The situation was only becoming worse day by day. He could not develop the business in any way. He consulted vaastu experts and made some alterations to the hotel as suggested by them. There was some improvement in the business after the vaastu alterations. He was encouraged by the improvement and began to work harder to recover his loss. There seemed to be some hope of recovery. But then the problem came in the form of irregular workers. 

In other business establishments like provision stores, or vegetable shops, frequent change of workers may not result in a big problem. We can some how manage the problem. But in a hotel business, at least to some extent, the workers will have to be permanent. Because if the cooks change often, there will be change in the style of cooking and the food may not be tasty and up to the expectations of the customers.

We have to record here an important information about the hotels in Tamil Nadu. Hotels in general, some how maintain the taste. It is difficult to find out how they are able to maintain the taste. We can manage to eat in hotels once in a way. But if you begin to eat continuously in hotels, you will get bored; not only that your taste buds will commit suicide. 

We don’t know what they mix to make the rice so white and crystal clear. Even two mouthfuls of rice will give a feeling of having eaten to the full. But again you get hungry before even having washed the hands. People who eat continuously this rice get not only ulcers but also cancer in the intestines. The hotel food is so bad.

If this is the case with the big hotels, there is nothing left to say about the small hotels. The same oil is used several times for cooking. Fried cabbages and potatoes are often half cooked and have rotten smells. This is the curse of several hotels in Tamil Nadu. I don’t know much about the hotels in other states. I think this may be case also there.

People experienced in the catering field feel that if there are permanent cooks, the taste of the food can be maintained at least to some extent. This could be the reason for the success of the mess system run in several houses without advertisements. 

My friend become very worried when he couldn’t find regular workers. But since he was sincerely committed to his business, he decided to fight till he finally succeeded. When cooks were absent, he himself began to jump into the field and started cooking. When he couldn’t still manage, he brought his relatives, to engage them in cooking.

Starting from cooking to supplying, he engaged his relatives. At this time he seemed to have heard about the vasiya anjanam that attracts customers. He contacted me and inquired about this anjanam.

I called him to my place and handed over the anjanam to him. He went away happy and returned after five months, with a bright smile on his face. He was able to attract more customers within five months. He could achieve the same success, that he had in the beginning. The irregular workers began to settle down as permanent workers. Even when the workers discontinued, they did so after giving prior information at least ten days in advance. So he could make alternative arrangements. I was very happy to hear about this positive change. The secrets followed by our ancestors are still effective, even in today’s context. It is a wonder to see all these happening, right before our eyes.

By this anjanam, we can not only attract customers, we can also overcome the little problems that crop up and prevent theft in the workplace. This anjanam can prevent you from getting deceived. It can also give you the awareness to identify the deceivers, by their mere look. This anjanam can help you escape from unexpected loss in the Share business. 

To prepare this anjanam we have to look for some rare herbs. So it is slightly expensive. But the result is guaranteed. I learned the method to prepare this anjanam from Trivandrum Narayana Panicker. As per his orders I cannot openly write the method of preparation. If those who require contact me, directly, I am bound to teach them.



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March 28, 2014 at 1:47 PM

I want method to make anjanam please give me

March 28, 2014 at 1:48 PM

A loss my business pls give me method

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