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Is 2012 the end of the World?

     The Ayyanar Temple opposite to the Vaayu lingam on the Girivala path of Tiruvannamalai is a wonderful place to just relax and have a vision of the beautiful mountain. One day I was relaxing on the rock bed that was there. A certain young man dressed in white and a saffron shawl, gave me a leaflet. The caption ‘The world is going to end in 2012’ printed in bold shook my whole being. 

It was written in the leaflet that most part of the world will end at 12:12 noon on December 12, 2012. It was also written that those who joined the organisation that published the leaflet and transformed themselves could be saved.

These kind of threatening messages are not anything new. I think it was in 1980, some Christian campgainers went around with similar leaflets claiming the world was going to end in 1990 and those who accepted Jesus could be saved. In 1992 I happened to meet a preacher who had given such a leaflet. I asked him just for fun, “Did the world end as you predicted?, Or were only those who accepted Jesus saved?, If so, how come I am alive even though I have not accepted Jesus?” I expected him to get upset or at least be embarrassed by my question. But I was wrong.

He was not at all disturbed by my question. He responded with a positive faith “Jesus Christ has given some grace time for the people of the world. Many more will have to be converted and they will have to accept The Bible. So He will wait till the dawn of 2000.”

There is a kind of Psychology that can make people bow down by creating a fear of death in them and terrifying them about the punishments that follow death. Christian pastors are experts in these kinds of threatening psychologies. So they can only preach on a frightening note. After 2000, I am still waiting to ask the same question. But so far I have not met any preacher worth the name. So the question remains.

Had I asked the same question, instead of admitting their blunders, they would have just brushed aside the question saying “after 2000 the world has faced Tsunami, heavy Cyclones, several earthquakes; these are all signs given by God signifying the end of the world. At least now turn to Jesus and be saved” 

I wonder how these preachers could so boldly preach such a false teaching. Why don’t learned scholars question them? In order to find out if there is any truth in their teachings, I went through thoroughly the Old and New Testaments of The Bible. I could not find a single word that talked either directly or indirectly about the end of the world.

After my personal study of The Bible, I consulted several unbiased biblical scholars on this topic. All of them unanimously said, “At the end of the world the son of man will come down to earth and judge people according to their good and evil deeds. Only this is certain. There is no any reference to the place and time of his coming.”

After going through The Bible, I went through the holy book of the Muslims, The Quran, in order to find out if there were any references to the end of the world. The only information I could get was that God has reserved with him, the secret about the end of the world.

At this time I happened watch a programme in a Malayam Christian channel. In the programme they said “Mayan civilization had Orien Calendar, in which only up to December 2012 the days were numbered. So the world will end in December. On the last day Jesus will come.” When I heard this I was intrigued to find out if the Mayan calendar really said something like this, and if so, on what grounds it has been said.

Many of us are familiar with the Mayan civilization right from our school days. We have studied about them in the series of world civilizations, along with the other civilizations like the Persian civilization, Greek civilization and the Indus Valley Civilization. We have studied that they were experts in Mathematics and astronomical researches. Not only that, they paved the way for modern technologies that produced Dairy milk and five star chocolates. We were wonderstruck by learning that Mayans were the first ones to prepare chocolates.

In which part of the globe did these Mayans actually live? Don’t be surprised! They lived in the region that is called America today. The tribals of America known as Red Indians were actually the Mayans. They wore leather dresses, birds’ feathers in the cap and painted their faces in multi colour.

The Red Indians were the Mayans. Researchers say their civilization dates back to 2600 B.C. Some scholars say their civilization began even earlier. They quote Popol Vuh, the great mythological book of the ancient Mayans, as a reference for this conclusion. Whatever it is, we have no doubt that the Mayan period is about 5000 years old. Due to various political reasons, the region of the Mayans is today divided as Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador

In astronomy, we know what Milky way is. Milky Way was discovered only after the invention of the Radar instruments, i.e. after 1945. But the Mayans, about 5000 years ago knew exactly all the details about the Milky Way and have noted down every minute information about the Milky Way.

Moreover in the beginning of the 17th centaury the constellation called Orien Nebula was discovered. And only in 1980 this constellation was photographed. But the ancient Mayan paintings and wall carvings have captured this constellation with all the details.

Ancient Indian Astronomical Researchers have named this Prajapati. It is to this day an unanswered mystery that the Mayans could discover the Orien Nebula, without the help of any instrument, while modern Science has discovered it, only with the help of so many instruments.

There is a pyramid in Mexico that was built in the sixth century B.C. It is still in a place called Chichen Itza. The mystery about this pyramid is, on March 21st and September 23rd, the shade of the pyramid falls down like a serpent with wings. To witness this phenomenon millions of people throng to this place, every year.

Why would the Mayans construct the pyramid in such a way to produce the shade of a serpent with wings? The reason lies in the fact that Quetzalcoatl, the God of the Mayans had the form of a serpent with wings. We can’t underestimate the Mayans by just appreciating their architectural skills. Far and above the architectural skills, they had an extraordinary ability to measure time, which helped them pinpoint the Equinox, i.e.March 21st and September 23rd.

The Mayans had the expertise to understand the exact movement of the sun and the exact shape that could produce the shade they wanted. They knew not only the movements of the sun, but also the motions of the moon and created the calendar like we use today. They named the calendar Orien Calendar.

Researchers say the Mayan Calendar could have been developed in 550 B.C. Orien Calendar is completely different from what we use today. According to their calculations, one year had 365 days, like our system today. But an year had 18 months and every month had 20 days. This calendar was named Haab.

Eighteen months of 20 days each will amount to 360 days. The remaining five days were discarded as they were considered inauspicious. Moreover this Haab calendar was developed for the use of common people.

For divine activities and Astronomical researches there was a separate calendar called Tzolkin. According to this an year had thirteen months and every month had twenty days. That is an year had 260 days. As per Mayan’s calculations Haab and Tzolkin merge once in 52 years.

Mayans have predicted that great changes occur when these two calendars merge. Many claim that great wars, natural calamities, great achievements, and colossal developments have all occurred during the merging years of these two calendars. This Tzolkin calendar comes to an end on 23rd December 2012. As per Mayan prophecy on that day this world will be destroyed and a new world order will be created.

Will this Mayan prophecy be fulfilled? Has any Mayan prophecy been fulfilled so far? Supporters of prophecies give cumulative answers to these questions. The evidences they give range from days before the birth of Christ to Obama days. Just a few evidences are sufficient to give frighten anyone.

There are clear references about how Mayan civilization will be destroyed, How from the same place where the Mayans lived America will grow to be a super power and rule the whole world, the cold war between America and Russia, Genghis khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and Mahatma Gandhi. 

The Mayan prediction about the behavior of the people towards the end of the world, changes in the eco system, shrinking of the universe due to scientific discoveries and inventions have all been fulfilled to a great extent. Based on all these it is natural for anyone to believe that the Orien prophecy may be fulfilled. But there is a complication here.

We shall see what the complication is, a little later. But before that let us understand what actually prophecies are, and how they occur to human beings. Prophecy simply means foretelling, that is predicting something that is going to happen in the future. Books on Yoga say that only those who have realized the past, present and future get this power.

Patanjali Munivar has written a treatise called Patanjali Yoga Sutram. In this treatise Patanjali gives two conditions for a person to realize the past, present and future. Fist he should have the capacity to let go the mind from an external object by a mere thought and secondly he should be qualified to see in the microcosm (body) what is in the macrocosm (universe). Patanjali has given detailed mind and body exercises to achieve this. 

By following the Patanjali methods even an ordinary person can become a Yogi. This is a practical truth. While some people achieve the prophetic powers by practice, some are born with this power. Some of the born prophets are Georgi, Maitrei, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Kanchi Maha periyavar who recently attained mukti. But among these born prophets, those who predicted the future are very few. One among the few is Nostradamus. He was neither an astrologer, nor a soothsayer. By birth he had an extraordinary power to predict the future.

Nostradamus lived about six hundred years ago. He had predicted a tragedy that would occur in October 1984 in India. ‘In the southern hemisphere, in a peninsula surrounded by ocean on three sides, an iron lady will ascend the throne for the second time. Sixteen years before that century ended, she will be assassinated by her own bodyguards.’ After Mahatma Gandhi, the assassination of Indira Gandhi created a great turbulence in India. Nostradamus had referred to this assassination in his predictions.

Even before Napoleon was born, that is about two hundred years prior to Napoleon’s birth Nostradamus had predicted that after the French revolution, Napoleon would become the Emperor of France, that he would conquer the whole of Europe, that he would be imprisoned and that his life would come to an end in Helena Island. 

Not only this. Nostradamus had predicted that Germany would rise under the leadership of Hitler, that Germany would be a threat to the super powers, that Hitler would be captured and defeated in Russia, that his death would be unknown, and that after Hitler Germany would be divided into East and West.

Nostradamus had predicted that after the fall of Tsar’s government there would be the birth of communism and that communism would come to an end with a leader who has a scorpion shaped mole on the forehead. This prediction refers to the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. He brought communism to an end and let democracy bloom in Russia. It is important to note that he also contributed to the end of the cold war between the super powers.

Throughout the world, in every age many prophets like Nostradamus have appeared. And their prophecies have also been fulfilled. In 1986 there lived in Gujarat, a peculiar man by name Baburam Patel. He seemed to have predicted a lot of things about India. Among his other predictions one prediction is that in the beginning of the 21st century, a foreign lady would direct the Indian government from behind the curtain and that her heir would come to power. One can understand that this prediction refers to Sonia Gandhi and Ragul Gandhi.

When I was a small boy there was an old priestess in my native village. She wouldn’t give any individual prediction. All on a sudden she would get into a trans and utter one or two words. On one such occasion she uttered that a good head would fall and that the state would deteriorate. Within a month after this incident Perunthalaivar Kamarajar passed away.

Like these there are several prophets and prophesies around the world. But Nostradamus is exceptionally different from the rest. All his written prophesies are precise to the letter. They have mathematical accuracy.

But unfortunately his writings are in poetic forms and cannot be easily understood by common reading. It is only after the incident has taken place one can co-relate the incident and his writings. When we explore into his writings and try to find out the reason why he has written in a known language but in an inexplicable manner, there is one truth that comes to light.

All the day to day incidents in the world occur as per the wish of the great force called God. A spiritual believer thinks it is the Will of God. A scientist considers it an act of natural order. Whatever may be the assumptions, the truth is one and the same.

If we observe very carefully the day-to-day events around us, we ourselves can easily predict what is going to happen next. But if we reveal all our findings, normal life would be affected gravely and unnecessary mental disturbances will be created. If we come to know about something that cannot be avoided, we should not try to avoid it. Such an attempt is utter foolishness. In one way or the other it is bound to happen. Nostradamus knew this truth. That is why, he has written in a mystical language. Let us see one of his exact prophesies.

When American continent was not yet discovered, Nostradamus predicted that people who loved independence would evolve a nation and that this nation would be a first class and wealthy nation. This prediction is obviously about USA. Further he has written: ‘At the beginning of the 21st century, flames of fire will appear in the sky at an angle of 45 degrees. The flames will invade the city. The emperor of terrorism will appear. He will have no compassion at all. Two steel birds will clash in the sky. Fire and smoke will encompass the whole new city.’

Many who read this prophesy concluded that the new city referred to New York which is positioned at 45 degrees latitude. They declared that two space stones could attack the city. But no one seemed to have noticed Nostradamus’ reference to the emperor of terrorism. He has given some clues about the emperor of terrorism and the disaster that would be caused by him: ‘He will emerge from a great Arabic country. He will be a very powerful leader. There would not have been anyone before him, more atrocious than him. The whole of humanity will be threatened by him. He will have a blue turban. The war initiated by him will last for twenty seven years.’

So the emperor of terrorism referred by Nostradamus could either be Osama Bin Laden or a new terrorist fashioned by his ideologies. The two steel birds clearly refer to the Aero plane that hit the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.

Has Nostradamus said anything about the end of the world in 2012? The answer is a definite no. If he has predicted 2012 as the end of the world, how could he have said that the war that begins in 2000 will last for twenty seven years? He could have just said the war would last for twelve years.  So we have to come to a conclusion that the information we have about the Orien Calendar is not final.

There is an important reason for this conclusion. The great Mayan Civilization was completely destroyed by the Christian religious fanatics. What we have today is just the remnants. A very brutal superstition was ruling the ancient Europe and Arabia. That is ‘If ideas that were not said in The Bible, or not found in The Quran, were to be declared by any individual or book or an organization, they were the works of the devil.’ And the Christians and Muslims would completely destroy the ideas.

They have destroyed enormous treasures of wisdom. We can boldly say that the world has lost a great measure because of these destructions. In 1517 the Spanish Christians in a craze to capture lands, battled against the Mayans and destroyed 90% of the Mayans and 95% of the Mayan cultural heritage, including Mayan icons and rare books. It is possible that part of the Orien Calendar was also among the things that were destroyed. Last year, Mrs.Okledia from El Salvador came to meet me. She shared with me that most part of the Mayan calendar is not available today and that what we have today cannot be the complete calendar. On the basis of several historical evidences, the findings of the archeologists and the considerations of expert astrologers, I am of the opinion that we are calculating only with half the calendar in hand.

At the beginning of this essay we saw that Christian and Islamic scriptures have not clearly pinpointed the end of the world. If we go through the Hindu scriptures as well, we will be able to come to a conclusion. We know that as per Hindu calculations, there are four Yugas. The Kreta Yuga has 17,28,000 years. The Treta Yuga has 12,95,000 years. The Dvapara Yuga has 8,64,000 years. The total age of the current Kali Yuga is 4,32,000 years. We have only crossed 5,110 years of the Kali Yuga. We still have 4,26,890 years to complete the Kali Yuga. Only then Brahma’s day ends and night starts. Brahma’s night refers to the destruction of the world or the inactive stage. So until then, as per natural order, this world will not end. It might happen only if we drop an atom bomb. Nature and God cannot be held responsible for that.

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