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If lucky stones are good! or Robbery?

      Today there is everywhere, a craze for lucky tones. Some bogus individuals and organizations make us of this craze, to mint money. As the common folk are ignorant of these gemstones, they easily get mislead. And the tragedy is that they are not even aware that they are being deceived.

This situation has to change. There has to be at least some awareness created on this topic. In order to preserve the truth revealed in the Sastras, I would like to share very frankly with the readers, the facts about gemstones, from my own experiences.

The lucky stones are the nine gemstones that feature the nine planets. They are Ruby (Manickam) for the Sun, Pearl (Muthu) for the Moon, Coral (Pavalam) for Mars, Emerald (Maragatham) for Mercury, Yellow sapphire or Topaz (Pushparagam) for Jupiter, Diamond (Vairam) for Venus, Blue sapphire (Neelam) for Saturn, Hessonite (Komethagam) for Rahu (the ascending node of the Moon), and Cat's eye (Vaidooriyam) for Ketu(the descending node of the Moon). From Vedic times these stones have been used to remedy the effects of the planets.

There are some complications in using the gemstones. The main problem is that many people do not have the capacity to differentiate the genuine stones from the fake stones. Making use of this ignorance, fake stones are being sold for higher prices. So people should learn the simple techniques to identify the genuine stones.

If you drop Ruby in milk it should turn red. Pearl should float on a milk froth. As soon as Coral is dropped in milk, milk should turn red. When Emerald is taken near a horse’s nose, the horse should sneeze.

If you keep Topaz on Sandal grinding stones, you should get the scent of a Lotus. The image of finger below the diamond should not be seen above the diamond. When you drop the blue stone in the milk, the milk should turn blue. If you drop Hessonite in fresh milk, the milk should take the colour of cow’s urine. When you keep Cat's Eye in the dark it should shine like a cat’s eye.

The next doubt is whether to wear natural stones or artificial stones. As a rule one should wear natural stones for precise remedies.

But as these natural stones are expensive for common people, some suggest that common people may wear artificial stones. But this practice will not yield complete result. This will give only partial results. Gemstones remedies should be done as per one’s horoscope, at the stipulated time according to the auspicious planetary positions. Only then it will yield good results. If not the consequences, may be worse.

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