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Herbs That Bury Themselves By The Smell Of Human Beings

     The old man was a plaything for kids. Kids used to throw stones at him. He had a shabby look. His hip was covered with a torn sack. He had long dirty hair. Face was unshaven. He seemed to have not taken bath for several years. He went around picking the rags on the road. There was a bad odour from his body that did not allow anyone come near him. His sudden uproars and the manner he used to sing songs clearly branded him a mad man. In short his appearance frightened everyone.

Once the great poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar approached him and asked him ‘why do you carry these filth?’ The old man responded, ‘you fool, I’m carrying the filth outside, but you are carrying it inside.’ Instantly Bharathiyar realized that the old man was a great sage. There is no any correlation between the inner wisdom and the outer appearance. If you look deeply into a beautiful flower you will find worms in it. You might get a jewel from a gutter.

We common people are often deceived by external decorations and beauty. While there is a beautiful rose garden right in front of our eyes, we waste time day dreaming about some celestial gardens. There is often a great truth hidden in an ordinary common day to day event. But we neglect them and miss the point. In this way we create obstacles for our own growth.

I was observing a dog for two days. It did not eat anything. The usual briskness was missing. It didn’t even have the strength to bark. It was lost in thought. It was constantly twisting the body and was restless. It looked like it was suffering from indigestion. On the third day the dog ate very eagerly the leaves of a plant that had just grown among the bricks. This sight was very strange. It is normal for goats or cows to eat plants. But it was strange and puzzling to see a dog eating leaves. Something interesting happened immediately. The dog vomited out an old sack cloth.

When we are sick we go to a doctor and take medicines that cure the illness. We treat also the animals around us when they get sick. But when we see these kind of incidents where ordinary animals have the instinct to search for medicines, we are wonderstruck by the great compassion God has for all beings. It is surprising to know that even animals with only five senses have the ability to identify the right medicines for their illnesses.

I ordered to bring that plant in order to investigate the nature of the plant. I found out that the name of the plant was ‘Thel Kodukku Ilai’. Normally these leaves are used in villages when people consume poison to make them vomit out. Dogs use not only this leaf for vomiting. They also use arugampul (Bermuda grass). Cats and monkeys know the powers of these leaves. If ordinary animals know so much about herbs and use them for their cure, how much more knowledge about herbs will a man with six senses have. It is mind blowing when we ponder about these things.

Among the creations of God, man is of a highest order. He has discovered the mysterious sound waves that constantly travel around the universe and recorded them as mantras. He has discovered the bio energy calledOjas that pervades the human body and also the techniques to connect the bio energy with the cosmic energy. Man has learned to control the motions of nature with his mind power. In the same way man has acquired detailed knowledge about the herbs that are present around the globe and used the herbs for his own purposes. God has given these herbs as benevolent gifts.

Once I believed that herbs were only useful for preparing medicines and alchemy processes. In 1992 in order to treat a certain Robert Wilson, I happened to converse with his relative spirit who was well versed insiddha medicine. The spirit shared with several vital information about siddha medicines. The spirit revealed that the leaf called anuthuluthaan thazai can instantly join and cure body parts that are cut into pieces.

And this herb is found in places like Kolli Hills and Ooty. The spirit also revealed that this herb existed in the tunnel of Gingee Fort. The noble spirit also spoke about the techniques to apply mantras on herbs, and thesiddhis (supernatural powers) one can attain by the use of herbs. 

That mantras can be applied on herbs was a strange information. So I was inspired to investigate the subject in depth. I was constantly wondering if the details revealed by the spirit about Anuthuluthan Thazhai could be true.

The same year in the month of August Dinamalar published a news about a strange experience of a foreigner in Ooty. While he was climbing the mountains, a buffalo pierced in the thigh and wounded him. In spite of the severe pain he tried to climb the rugged path that was full of wild plants. Suddenly the pain disappeared and there were no traces of the wound. I was naturally surprised when I read this news.

The foreigner said in the paper that while climbing the mountains he brushed against several plants. One among the plants should have miraculously cured his wounds. He spent four days in the mountains in search of the mysterious plant, but could not find it till the end. After this incident I began to believe what the spirit said is true. I believe till today, what cured the foreigner should be Anuthuluthan Thazai.

This incident confirmed that there has to be a close relation between the mantras and the herbs. My interest to know about the subject began to grow day by day. I undertook several experiments on this subject. There is a mention about Maramalli Ilai in Atharvana Vedamantira Samhithai. I took this leaf and applied the Jeevabeejam mantiram. I had extraordinary visions of special goddesses. This experience gave me added energy. From my own experiences and from old manuscripts I learned some very rare facts about herbs. I would like to share with the readers at least some of the facts, if not all. 

There is a natural attraction towards money for all human beings. And if the money comes as unexpected fortunes, easily without any hard labour, no one will reject it. We have studied about historical legends who undertook long and tedious journeys in search of hidden treasures. There are great dynasties that have vanished in their attempts to recover treasures. It is natural for every one to find out where and how these treasures are hidden. There is a herb that can locate the exact place of the treasures. The name of the herb is Nilam Purandi. Treasures were actually left behind by ancient kings, land lords, miserly rich people, and those who were interested in accumulating wealth. These people buried their wealth under the ground in order to protect them from others. When they did so, they did not merely burry them.

In order to protect the treasures, they used to establish certain magic powers with the help of the mantras. We have heard stories about ghosts guarding the treasures. These ghosts are not mere imaginary characters. I have to come realize from my own personal experiences, that these are real beings that actually exist.

It is because these mysterious forces surround the treasures, it is difficult for anyone to acquire the treasures. The treasures under the protection of these mysterious beings, do not remain in one place. They are constantly transported to several places by these mysterious forces. Only by appeasing these mysterious guards, we will be able to get hold of the treasures.

Nilam Purandi is a tool that locates the treasure. This herb normally grows among other plants. The moments it smells any human beings around, it buries itself into the ground. That is why our ancestors have named this herb Nilam Purandi (that which digs). To find this herb, one has to carry a seed called Kethaan Kottai, that is available in shops that sell native medicines. The smell of this seed will prevent the herb from burying itself into the ground.

We have to pluck the leaves of this herb on Sundays, Tuesdays or Thursdays, before sunrise after properly cleaning the place. The leaves will have to be plucked after cleansing the curses and giving life to the herb through mantras. Before plucking the leaves, Kaapu has to be tied and the herb has to be worshiped by means of incense and light. Then the plant oil has to be extracted. After that take Pachai Karpooram, Javvadhu, and Korosanai in equal measure and mix it with the herbal oil to make it into an anjanam (paste). Then apply Anjaneya moola mantiram and Anjana Devi Moola mantiram 1008 times respectively. When required you can apply this anjanam on a beetle leaf and pray the above moola mantiram 108 times. Then you will be able to see exactly like on a television screen the hidden treasures. You can take the roots of this herb and burn it using the dung of a cow that has no issues. Mix the ashes in water and pray the above mantra in the prescribed manner. At night Sprinkle the ash mixed with water in the place where you presume the treasure is hidden. In the morning if you find cracks on the ground it is a sign that there is treasure. If there is no any change in the ground, it simply means there is no treasure.

If the treasure is buried several hundred feet underneath, keep a herbal combination called Srilekha in that place. Within six months the treasure will come just close to the surface of the ground, from where you can easily dig out. Srilekha is a combination of sixteen kinds of herbs. These herbs are available only in the Himalayan ranges. Experts in Herbs and Mantira Sasthiram keep this with them to protect rare treasures.

These days we hear a lot about Idumarunthu, that is used to mesmerise and spellbind people. This practice was more in the rural areas. But today it is commonly being practiced in the urban areas as well. Due to this kind of practices many families have faced severe problems and have been destroyed. It is not that difficult to get rid of the effects of this Idumarunthu. Take a herb called Pullaamanakku and dry the leaves under shade. Then make it into a powder and mix it with ghee. If people affected by Idumarunthu consume this powder in the morning and evening for three days, they will be completely cured and return to normal life. ThisPullamanakku will look like a lizard’s egg. But if it is properly taken by tying the kaapu in the prescribed format, this herb will have enormous energy. 

We know that in Ramayanam, Dasarathan organized Puthirakameshti yagam, praying for the birth of a child. The main ingredient used in this yagam is a herb called Vibhuthi Ilai. People who have no issues should apply Puthira Varsha manthiram on this leaf and consume it for 24 days. This will destroy the worms in the uterus for women and cure barrenness in men. Issues are guaranteed in this method. Even today many have begotten children using this method. A person who got this herb from me and applied the method, has children today.

Today water scarcity is a very serious problem. Agriculture is affected by lack of water. We frequently come across farmers who complain that there is no water in their wells and that they are not able to cultivate anything. If you come across a dry well, you can give life to the water springs by the following method. Apply the Sadatchara Manthiram 1008 times on Panneer Ilai and drop the leaf into the well that has no water. Within nine days you will see water. You can also prepare insecticides to destroy the insects that hinder the growth of crops and the yield in trees like Mango, coconut and Jack. Take the herb called Aadu Thindaapaalai and burn the leaves and convert them as ashes. Apply Piranava Manthiram 1008 times on this ash and spray the ashes on the affected area. The yield is bound to increase.

There are people who apply the secrets of these kinds of herbs by direct contact with the higher spirits by means of mantras. Even the common folks who do not know the art of conversing with the spirits can also apply these secrets if they have purity of mind and body. I have seen several times common people achieving good results, with the use of herbs. But it is always better to get the guidance of experts in this field.

I was familiar with a youngster who was very brisk all the time. He would always be busy with one work or the other. He was like a bamparam (top) that rotated at top speed. I used to wonder sometimes if he slept at night or not. Some other times I used to wonder if God created him just to work. At other times I used ponder if God created him to show people that God Himself was eternally working like this youngster.

One day, all on a sudden, this youngster fainted. Then I noticed a gradual change in his activities. He became very tired and had to constanly take bed rest. As days passed by, his hands and legs began to tremble unusually. It looked like he had some nervous problems. I inquired about his health conditions. He said he could not understand what was happening to him. His body would tremble, tongue would get dry and the eye sight would become dim. Out of compassion for him, I invited a goddess in my control and inquired about the reason for his health condition. The goddess revealed that there was a blood clot in one of his brain nerves, which blocked the free flow of blood. I wanted to give treatments for him, but could not find him for about a week.

After a week, he came and reported that he met a doctor who scanned his head and said he had a clot in the brain and that he had to be operated immediately. He was all the more worried because the doctor had told him that he had to take medicines for years. He had a special love and devotion towards me. He prayed to be cured. In the entourage of Lord Shiva there are twelve Rudras. Sri Maharudra is their leader. I conversed with the reverential Sri Pirabasan who is the direct embodiment of Sri Maharudra. He prescribed certain herbs to cure the youngster. (I regret I cannot reveal the details about the herbs, as per the instructions given to me by Sri Pirabasan). He instructed me to enrich the herbs with the atharvana vedha mantirams and give it to the patient for two mandalams (96 days). Within a month the youngster had marked improvement in his health. After two mandalams, he was completely cured and was back to his usual brisk fullness. Today he is perfectly alright. I can go on narrating many more such incidents that depict the significance of herbs and mantras.

God has not created any small creature without any reason. One depends on the other. God has created in such a way, that every species of the plant kingdom is useful in one way or the other. There are many slokasin the Rig Veda that say that plants receive energy from the sun and transfer the energy to other beings. In short, all the plants act as transmitters of the divine energy that permeates the whole universe. Vedas say that trees are amudha surabhis that transmit the divine energy to all beings inhabiting the earth. Other divine scriptures like The Bible, and The Quran also emphasize this truth. 

Like breaking a diamond, Sukrutha samhithai states in clear terms that the Ultimate Divine Soul has concealed in the plants of the earth, all the medicines for all the diseases of all beings that have five senses and six senses. Susuruthar says that the medicines will have to be packed with mantras and the alchemy processes.

Medical practitioners of those days were experts in the field of manras as well. The old manuscripts say that Susuruthar, without the help of any modern equipments, successfully performed several organ transplantation surgeries just with the help of mantras and herbs.

There have been many temples in Greece, consecrated by means of healing mantras. The Greek Mantra expert Kelan has said, that just be sleeping in the premises of the temple many diseases can be cured. Empaditakkins who lived in China around 450 B.C., has said that diseases crop up, when evil forces enter the human body through the pores on the skin, and that diseases can be cured by the touch of mantras. 

Alternative healing methods like Reiki and Pranic healing, that are very popular today, also utilize the techniques of transmitting the cosmic energy and cosmic rays into the body. Mantras are actually the other forms of the eternal energy that pervades the universe. And so when herbs and mantras combine with the images of the cosmic energy even the impossible becomes possible.

There are two types of mantras: the good mantras that convert huts into palaces and the evil mantras that destroy even great dynasties into ashes. Both good and evil mantras exist throughout the world. Due to the horrifying effects of the evil mantras, many families have been destroyed into ashes. I was on the look out for herbs that could suppress the spell of evil mantras. There are several spiritual beings, that constantly guide me in my spiritual and temporal life. These spiritual souls revealed to me several herbs that could be applied against the spell of evil forces. I am pleased to share with you about some of the herbs that can be used to completely eliminate the effects of the evil forces.

I distribute for the benefit of people an energized powder that is a mixture of Aadu Theendapaalai, Thirunamapalai, Vilvam, Thulasi, Vembu, Thiruvanthi, Azhuganni, Ersinghi, Sukkuli, Vallarai, Koduppai, Karisalanganni, Thaazhaimadal, Naabhi, Ashvalekha and other herbs. This powder is prepared in the Sri Ruthmulamanthiram Homam. If you mix this powder with sea water and sprinkle in the affected area after praying certain mantras, the evil forces will fly away within nine days. And then good forces will come around to give you all the prosperities. I have seen several people experiencing good results.

These spiritual souls have also given herbal powders that can be used to cleanse the earth and to overcome the vaastu problems. You don’t have to demolish a building that has already been built after spending several lakhs, just because someone said there is a vaastu problem in the construction. These herbal powders will remove all the problems without having to remove a single brick. There are many people suffering, not able to live in the houses that they have built after many obstacles. There are people struggling hard like those immersed in water struggling to breathe, to sell their own houses. There are the others who yearn for a house of their own, all their lives. I have seen all these types of people being helped by these powders provided by the spiritual souls. When I see the amount of good works these noble spiritual souls do for the good of humanity, I cannot remain without thanking them.

In the rat race today, people just exist to fill their bellies, and then wait for death. Life toady has become meaningless. We are not able to identify what is right and what is wrong. We have a problem of right choice today. There is a kind of madness, like the one who cuts the branch that he is sitting on. Because of our carelessness and ignorance, we have lost several treasures of our ancestors. The knowledge of mantras and herbs I have referred to above, is dying out. We have lost many riches, like the mad man who burnt his own house to get light.

We should wake up at least now, to prevent from losing the bits and pieces that are left. If we wake up today, we can live happily for the next 1000 years. If we are adamant and say ‘I can only sleep’, there will not be a single life left, to see the signs of life on this planet. Because of our foolishness, we should not leave this world without transferring to the next generation, what we have inherited from our ancestors. In order to know, preserve and protect these secrets let us begin to work.


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