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     Human body is a treasure house. Priceless treasures are hidden in it. Some are seen, known by scientific reasoning .Many cannot be felt by the senses, neither can be viewed nor reasoned. very true to itself. This unseen energy is present in unique parts of the human body. That is why we have heard a popular saying: “That present in the universe is present within our own self”

To activate the treasure  we need to pronounce the sounds at an appropriate rhythm. These sounds will synchronize our energy with the universal energy. 

What are these sounds ? How to procure them? What is its name? It is none other than the MANTRAS. unbelievable miracles will happen by chanting mantras. Do mantras fetch us treasure? Do we have such mantras? Yes we do have mantras that bring treasure and that is

“Amirtha Tara Mantra”

What is a Mantra? How does it influence us? If you understand the logic it is easy to follow the mantra.

Natural energy is angels. Mantras are a form of angels.To be more precise mantras are angels. God and angels are two forms.One is light other is sound.Both are same in one way.Light comes like sound. Mantras are audible angels.A particular angel gives a particular wish through a particular mantra.

I can quote many experience but this space is not sufficient.I have a London christian devotee who propagates that  Mantra and Tantra are superstitious practices in Hindu religion.I gave him a mantra and asked him to pronounce it to get rid of his poverty.I advised him that mantras are not religion based but got a scientific reason. In respect to my words, he halfheartedly chanted the mantras.As days went his poverty disappeared and now he owns a house in London and is happy with his wife and children. Now He told Natural energy is god and I am chanting the mantra every day.

Kindly don’t mistake that the mantra I teach will only fetch you money. This is a mantra to rise and awaken the Kundalini which lies coiled in a dormant state in the Muladhara Chakra. Amirtha Tara Mantra is helpful in awakening the chakras of the kundalini

The beautiful aroma of Jasmine and the sandal fragrance is floating, why keep your doors closed and keep yourself at bay. To guarantee your freedom and to provide a suitable platform for all your comforts, the ultimate solution given by the yogis is the MANTRAS. I am ready to feast you with these mantras. Come, Lets overcome the obstacles.`

Sri Guruji Ashramam

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 “Amirtha Tara Mantra” BENEFITS

• Maintain high energy and alertness throughout the day
• Eliminate stress, fear and anxiety
• Improve communication and inter-personal relationships
• Enhance mental clarity, emotional balance & productivity
Find relief from chronic ailments such as: allergies, insomnia, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, back pain, asthma, migraine, depression, menstrual issues, thyroid problems, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.
• Achieve inner peace, joy and fulfillment

I Spent personal time with Swamiji. During darshan Swamiji provided so much clarity. There is no other experience like energy darshans and initiations on this planet… it’s too difficult to describe with mere word.
-Armando, italy

Sitting in the presence of Swamiji is a soul touching experience. If you ever lost yourself deeply in music or nature, those moments can be compared to sitting with Swamiji. But this is much more!!


Inner Awakening is incomparable. Just think of it as a very deep scrubbing of the various layers of your mind and body, layers that you had no idea existed. The tremendous, everlasting healing that occurs simply raises you to the higher spiritual dimensions never even dreamt of

DR.Recus. netherlands, 

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Benefits of Amirtha Tara Mantra”

  • Calms the mind: The chant of the mantra starts with Om. The enunciation of this sound sends a vibration through your lips, tongue, palate, back of your throat and skull, which is said to be extremely calming to the mind and helps in the release of relaxing hormones. What’s more, the syllables of the "Amirtha Tara Mantra” are so devised that they help a person concentrate and thereby calms the mind.

  • Improves immunity: The pressure on tongue, lips, vocal cord, palate and the connecting regions in the brain generated by the continuous enunciation of the "Amirtha Tara Mantra” creates a resonance in and around your head. These vibrations stimulate the hypothalamus (a gland that is responsible for regualrising the release and functioning of a number of bodily functions including immunity) that then functions more efficiently. Experts say that this gland is also responsible for the release of happy hormones and therefore is the key player in the mind body connection — so the happier you are, the stronger your immunity. Apart from that chanting helps stimulates your chakras or the extrasensory energy centres. These chakras align themselves with certain essential lymph nodes and organs of the body that help in the proper functioning of the entire body. This in turn helps strengthen your immune system as the vibration align all your chakras, keeping your body disease free.

  • Increases concentration and learning:   This is because when you chant the "Amirtha Tara Mantra”  the resultant vibration first activates the three chakras that are present on your face and head — namely the third eye, throat and crown chakras. These three chakras help improve concentration as they directly relate to the brain and penial gland (crown chakra), eyes, sinuses, lower head, the pituitary gland (third eye chakra) and thyroid gland (throat chakra). When activated the vibrations help stimulate the associated glands– improving concentration and focus. 

  • Improves your breathing: While chanting the "Amirtha Tara Mantra”  you are required to take deep controlled breaths that when done regularly, helps improve your lung function and therefore breathing. Apart from breathing deeply it also helps oxygenate the entire body therefore keeping you healthy. 

  • Helps keep your heart healthy:   chanting a "Amirtha Tara Mantra”  significantly slows down a person’s breathing, which helps synchronize and regularise your heart beats, helping it stay healthy. According to the study, the synchronised beating and functioning of the heart along with the
  • baroreflex sensitivity(a mechanism that helps keep your blood pressure in check) are parameters that help keep heart disease at bay. 

  • Improves the working of your nerves: As you chant the "Amirtha Tara Mantra”  the pressure that is exerted on your tongue, lips, vocal cord, palate and the connecting regions in and around your brain create a resonance or a vibration that helps strengthen and stimulate the functioning of your nerves. Apart from that it also stimulates the proper release of neurotransmitters that help in the conduction of impulses.

  • Helps beat damage caused due to stress: Chanting also helps beat stress-related oxidative damage. Not only does it help your body build a stronger immune response but it also helps reverse the damage done by constant stress on your body. And since regular chanting helps keep stress at bay, the recitation of the "Amirtha Tara Mantra”  keeps you healthy. 

  • Strengthens the mind and keeps depression at bay: Since the chanting of this  "Amirtha Tara Mantra”  helps stimulate your brain, keeping you calm and more focused. The "Amirtha Tara Mantra”  also gives a person relief from stress making them more resilient. Apart from that the vibrations from chanting the "Amirtha Tara Mantra”  stimulate the penial body and help in the release of endorphins and other relaxing hormones, that help keep depression at bay.

  • Gives your skin a glow: The vibrations also stimulate vital points on the face that help increase circulation and get rid of toxins from your skin.  Apart from that the deep breathing also helps oxygenate your skin making it look younger and glowing. Here are some health benefits of deep breathing. Helps relieve the symptoms of asthma: While chanting the "Amirtha Tara Mantra” , one is required to breathe in deep and hold their breath for a short period of time. This helps strengthen the lungs and can help as an adjuvant therapy for asthma.

Sri Guruji Ashramam

Mantra class details contact no

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Journey to Planet Mars !

Secret of the Guruji - 1

     It’s a natural desire for every human to know things beyond his understanding. To just know about the South American Mayans and their unimaginable powers people stand in anxiety and excitement. Even an old man in his death bed would get up to know the hidden secrets. Such is the anxiety that rules the human nature.  

Do humans live only on earth? Do people from other planets visit us? Still unexplored secrets prevail on earth?  Migration from one body to other-what is that? Why unnatural figures are not seen by our eye? Like this we have millions of questions that enthrall us .We know the scientific reason behind these questions. Our Rishis, Vedas and other books enlighten us on astronomy, nature of the planets and on how to fly in the sky. What are the secrets they have shared? Only Rishis can see and feel these strange things? Today’s Gnani’s can do this? We ask these questions to Guruji often, for which he answers directly and indirectly. We would like to share some of those answers with you. In that aspect we asked whether humans exist in other planets. He said:

We have many misconceptions about our Puranas. We believe everything is exaggerated in Puranas. Lies and unbelievable imagination predominant and so puranas should not be believed. This has been inculcated in our brains by the Britishers. We must change our mentality and atleast have a researcher mind to explore believable facts.

Puranas says that  Devas ,Asuras and  brave Princes of the kingdom  have travelled to different worlds and won battles. It is not the nature of our ancestors to blindly preach us false things. They never talk about things that are untrue.

For example: Our ancestor taught us that Moon is cool and has water. But initially science said even if u squeeze the entire moon not a drop of water will be available. This notion has changed. They now say that a small water body from moon can quench the thirst of almost ¾ th of the population for some years. So science and its findings is not the end. And so is the life in other planets.

Our Rishis has gained the powers of “Akasha Kamini” mantra. When our body is kept safe at one place, our soul keeps a slight contact with the body and travels wherever it wants. Not only earth but it can travel beyond earth and identify new things and secrets .In that aspect, life in other planets can be known. Till now Gnanis have travelled to 14 worlds and said life exist in these worlds. These can be classified into seven worlds on Heaven and seven on earth.

The Islamic Quran has emphasized on the existence of 7 sky. Christian’s Vivilliam tell us that people came from heaven. So life exists in other world. May be in our solar family other planets doesn’t support life but other solar family supports life forms. We asked Guruji whether Mars has life and whether our ancestors have described about the planet.

He answered that life is already present in Mars. In Kandha puranam ,the Asuran Surapadman should have hid the devars in Mars. Because the jail like appearance of Mars as said in Puranas matches with the recent photographs taken by astronauts. Like we are destroying our planet Earth, the occupants of Mars have destroyed their planet. The fossil bones in Kurushetra has the influence of atomic radiation. The atomic energy was known to ancient man and the people in Mars had energy powerful than atomic radiation and at some time they would have played with these radiation causing their own destruction. Mars is not totally destroyed, some parts has Water, air and predisposing factors of life. He said that in near future evidences to believe this can be identified and that his insighst will be accepted.

We were able to realize the experience of Akasa Kamini mantra  by Guruji. 

Spirits Set Free by Guruji !

Secret of the Guruji - 2

     What does Spirits and Ghost mean to us? White cloths, without legs, fragrance of Jasmine, sound of bells and so on have been deep rooted in our minds. The reason behind this is cinema, novels and our Granny. They have dramatized how people under the influence of evil spirits   behave strange and unnatural. Do spirits influence us? We raised this question to Guruji.

He laughed. He said that we imagine and remain ignorant, which is dangerous also. People who have died of snake bite are less than people who died because of fear .Fear is the dreadful disease and this fear has been installed in our early age.

Some cinema threatens us with the way in which spirits behave. But for the people who knows the truth all this is just a joke .First one should understand the basics of Spirits. Since soul resides in our body, we are called Humans. Spirits doesn’t have body. This is the only difference. Black eyes, strange teeth and beaked nose are our imagination.

Spirits are not only white in color. In my understanding they are black, white and orange in colour. Female spirits doesn’t have special sounds. They come with no sounds or with different sounds. If we were fat, it doesn’t mean that are spirit should also be the same. Spirits are gaseous and so they float in air.

If the body is the only difference, how do they know the future when we cannot do this? Guruji said a person who walks on a wall knows what is happening inside and outside the wall. Death separates soul from the body and soul do not have the bodily pains. So soul can perceive the past, present and Future. Since our body suffers in pain we cannot travel in the chariot of time.

Spirits can tell us about the future but cannot change the good and bad things we have to undergo. Knowing the future is also a means of protecting us. He said only God can change the TIME.

We asked him whether spirits have warned him personally or generally about the happenings. He said he has many examples to quote and he said one example.

“Mantras can deteriorate a good body with slow poisoning or even kill a person. We have the opposite mantras to tackle them .I had a desire to know these mantras. I tried but failed. I expressed my failure to my friend Mr.Velunaiyakam who died of a miserable incident. Once when I talked to his spirit, he said this particular mantra is available in a particular place with a particular person and asked me to contact him.

I followed his advice and I learnt that Mantra .I mastered the mantra only because of Velunaiyakam spirit. He helped me even after his death and made me understand that spirits can help in a big way. Likewise I have also experienced bad things from spirits .When spirit requests me to help them to attain shanthi, I suffered physically and mentally.”

We have experienced a few things when we were with Guruji. Once we travelled with him to Uvari St.Antony’s church. When we were about to cross the flagstaff of the church our car stopped unexpectedly. After 5 minutes we taught we will go and sit in the beach but Guruji denied and asked us to drive to our ancestral home.

Before we reached home, Guruji experienced terrible stomach pain and loose motion. He became tired for just travelling 5 hours. After we reached home he was feeling better. When we asked him what had happened he said the Flagstaff of St.Anthony church has millions of spirits tied and they have stopped the car to make him help them to get freedom. He said” I chanted the mantras and set them free and the consequence is this pain.”

Only Guruji can laugh in his sufferings and pain. 

Migration of soul from one body to another !

Secret of the Guruji - 3

   We have read about magical stories in our childhood. We have witnessed them in old Telugu movies. If given a choice we would be happy to get inside a butterfly, fly to the top, migrate to a body of a vulture and travel the whole world.

After we attain certain age and maturity, we realize that migrating from one body to another is not a cakewalk.We need the mercy of God. We need strong practice. But we listen to atheist and started to believe that all this can be done only by magicians. But the curiosity of migrating from one body to another always remains high.

We all have heard the story of great Siddhar Thirumoolar,who migrated from his body to  a body of a yadava ,who rears cattle and wrote a great book named ”THIRUMANTHIRAM”. Our ancestors have told us that Arunagirinathar has taken the form of parrot and stayed in the temple tower. From all these instances a question arises. How does this migration happen? What are its uses? We asked Guruji about this. 

Guruji said “Lord Krishna has said in Bhagavad Gita to do our duty without awaiting the results. But as humans it is difficult to follow. Both ordinary man and Gnani’s cannot do things without anticipating anything. We keep checking on the returns  but Gnanis  focus only on good things without anticipating the returns or rewards.

What does Gnani’s desire? To reach the lotus feet of God. To attain this they meditate, chant mantras but this body is unable to cooperate. If one fails to identify the destination of Mukthi in this birth then the next birth awaits us. So, in order to prevent rebirth, if possible to release the soul from one’s body and migrate it to another and to mediate , Rishis found this wonderful way of soul migration.

If we could reside inside a snake, or a well built youth or into some creatures in the forest which do not need much water or food, then without much tiredness we could meditate. Our constant focus on God would take us to the path of Mukthi. If body is the only obstacle for attaining mukthi,then Gnani’s do not bother to keep the body at bay.

We know why Pragaya Pravasam happens. How it happens is our next question. Guruji explained it to us.

“Life in our body resides as a type of sound or vibration. Kundalini helps to stimulate these sound and vibration to reach the head. If this kundalini is done with more effort we can take our life energy to any place in the body and also outside the body.

This is the principle of this art. The life that is taken from a body when migrates to a dead body gets life again. Now the mind and life is ours but the body is different This is the secret of life. 

When we think a minute on Guruji’s insight its surprising and also fearful. “I am the husband of Rani and I   migrate my life to the body of  Veni’s husband. So now by mind I am Rani’s husband but bodily belong to Veni.  How do I express my situation.” .This is our question and Guruji explained:

Well, he said If I catch cold, I take out another man’s phlegm. I swallow other man saliva. This will be disgusting to think. That’s why many Gnani’s didn’t follow this .

Our anxiety doesn’t stop here. If Guruji does this migration of soul what will happen to the body of Guruji?

One body can control one life. Two forms of life cannot coexist in a single body. Similarly two body cannot control one life. If something happens to our main  body, life should continue in the  body that  it is currently residing or it should reach the world of spirits.

There is lot of obstacles in doing “Praghaya pravasem”. The body should be preserved. No natural disaster should harm the body. When our soul migrates to a new body, the old body must be in the same status when the soul remigrates.  When Guruji said that even if the hands and legs are disturbed the soul cannot enter the body, we were spellbound and recollected an incident.

Since a long time till now an important disciple of Guriji is Govindaswamy. He follows  everything Guruji says and insist others to follow .However  important, without his consent one cannot  approach Guruji. Guruji’s food, dress and sleep everything comes under his eye. Some years back when we were about to wake up Guruji he cautioned us not to wake him and ordered us to wait until he gets up on his own.

Even if Guruji’s hands and legs are not in position he would not allow us  to keep them correctly.. He would say that for us he looks like sleeping.” May be he is sleeping or may be chanting mantras. We should not disturb him and not even touch him without his consent”. This would be too much for us , but now we understood after Guruji explained it to us.

Apart from this we had millions of questions as to how and when Guruji does this migration of soul, which we later understood in Guruji’s silence.
 “A silent Guru express more answers”

Guruj’s victory over the deadly poison

Secret of the Guruji - 4

We all know that Guruji is affected by Polio. He cannot lift his hand nor widespread his hands. Because of this his arm pit had small boils which gave him unexplainable pain. Owing to his busy schedule he kept postponing the treatment for the boils for many years.

Once Guruji met Dr.Sharuk during his visit to Ariyalur. He is affectionate towards Guruji and Guruji has great respect for him. Guruji had himself certified that he is a good doctor. We taught that we must make use of this opportunity and somehow treat Guruji. The doctor said that small surgery has to be done to remove the boils. Since these boils are spread in many parts he decided to take them one by one and from one part he totally removed the boils.

He cleaned the wound after the surgery personally and he noticed that an artery from a blood vessel was damaged and blood was oozing out. Guruji did not respond to any treatment and stitches had be done .To stitch in an operated site will be more painful but Guruji accepted to get the stitches done.

Dr. Sharukh and his wife Dr.Shakeela Banu did the job and we witnessed the pain Guruji underwent during the stiches. Almost 10 stitches  and blood stopped. Guruji got relieved of the pain and asked us to get a cup of tea at about 1 o clock.

Dr. Shakeela Banu said to Guruji that she had seen Guruji cure so many dreadful diseases. She asked when Guruji is able to save so many lives , why couldn’t he save his life or atleast  make it painless. This question seemed logical for us. We thaught many times why Guruji is not doing anything for his ownself .We never had the guts to ask him but thank God, the doctor asked him.

Even in that pain he answered her question enjoying his tea .He said ”When I was looking after my father’s business, his friend ,Babakhan Bai used to visit us often. He is almost 80 years older than me and he died when he was 110.You can understand our age difference. We were great friends and discussed about cinema, politics and spiritualism.

Bhabakhan Bai cannot be forced to worship God. He would question: God will accept only when we pray 5 times a day? will he throw us if we pray 6 or 10 times? Though he has crossed 80, he never stopped smoking ,drinking and eating Non-veg. He smokes 2 bundles of salam beedi. Still he had the power of Mantras. People bitten by scorpions and snakes come to him. He always keeps a knife in his waist and he chant mantras keeping the knife in his mouth. I have seen the poison coming out in blue or green colour. People recover fast and people bitten by cobra also become fine without taking internal medicines.

I liked to learn those mantras from him for which he hesitated and sometimes scolded me .He would ask for things which cannot be bought. He found fault in whatever I do. On seeing his behavior, people used to question me as to why do I keep friendship with him.  Aren’t you ashamed? I didn’t bother about their comments. All I wanted is to learn those mantras and I was ready to sacrifice anything for that. After many years of struggle I learnt those mantras and he asked me to try these mantras with others for the first time and cautioned me that it would work only once if I try it on my ownself.

I think it was the birth of the millennium year 2000. Pooja was being performed in our Ashramam. Since I was not well I didn’t take bath that evening. So without joining the pooja I sat on the cot under a tree.  As I had a feeling of nature’s call I took the bottle to urinate.

I felt that something is crawling near my foot. I was sure that it was a snake .If I withdraw my legs it would definitely bite and I decided to stay still and called others for help. As everybody was busy in the pooja, I was not audible.

My right leg is totally week and since I was answering the nature’s call I was unable to use my hands. The small snake crawled between my legs and it gave a strong bite twice in my leg .I understood that the snake is the young one of  King cobra. If the snake is an adult one ,it would bite but will not excrete the  poison quickly. But small snakes excrete their poison completely. If not treated early death is inevitable. 

I calculated that if would take another 45 minutes for the pooja to get over and by the time I reach the hospital another one hour will lapse. I cannot wait as it was a strong poison and I started to chant the Mantra which was meant to save others. Though my life was saved, it was unfortunate that I cannot save others life thereafter. The mantra learnt with so many struggles became futile. I decided never to use any mantras for my well being. I was also determined to travel by my karma till the end and that’s why I tolerated this extreme pain. He smiled and said even this was a good experience. His face changed from the terrific pain to a lotus flower and we realized how he treats joy and sorrow in a same balance.  Can we be like him?  We felt ashamed that even for a small pain we fear and tremble. 

We have studied that Chanakya once said the fan in one’s hand is not for his comfort but for others. Likewise holy people like Guruji take our burden; the poison they consume is to purify our blood. All this is surprising but more than that, it brings love and respect towards Guruji.

Guruji floats in the air !

Secret of the Guruji - 5

What is Meditation? Everybody will have different answers for this question. Many define it as a type of freedom from thought and emptiness of the mind. Like our Planet Moon remains empty, the mind should be made empty.

I don’t agree with them. Human body is a live thing. When life exists we cannot stay still. Though mind is not seen separately it is also an organ. It is hidden somewhere in the body. When it resides inside a body it is also a live thing. So mind cannot be inactive. The activity of the mind is the generation of thoughts. Without thoughts humans cannot exist.

As for my understanding many Rishis have accepted my concept. Lord Krishna had also highlighted in his Bhagvad Gita. He had said one cannot control the mind but there must be constant effort to control it. Regular practice will help us. Lord Krishna had said all thoughts conclude in him. That is, meditation is not being without thoughts .Channelizing the thoughts towards God or energy is meditation in my point of view. I think you would also accept my insight.

This is the beautiful explanation given by Guruji on meditation. This explanation has got its own knowledge, experience and love. People explain in incomprehensible language and that is why meditation is being looked upon as a herculean task. Simple Gnani’s like Guruji doesn’t dramatize but explain in a simple language. We know many thoughts of Guruji are simple and understandable.

Once when we all visited Uvari swayambulinga swamy  in  his Poorasirama village. After darshan he said his grandfather died in that temple. He said his grandfather was suffering from a dreadful disease and that his grandmother believed that God would save him and brought him to this temple, but he died. Man must be optimistic but cannot be superstitious. If diseases correct themselves then why did God created doctors and medicines? So, treating a disease and believing in God is different. I agree without his mercy we cannot cure any disease but avoiding treatment is not wise.

Beach of Uvari has a stone mandapam. Guruji used to sit and meditate here. The sound of tides and air will only be heard. It would be a total bliss to see Guruji in this posture. We would tell him that none of us have seen him meditate but only here we had an opportunity to see him meditate.

Not only in uvari , kanyakumari, Muppanthal Isaki amman temple on the way to kanyakumari, Thiruvannamalai, Tirupathi sreepadham ,Guruji starts meditating without any distraction. Sometimes in minutes, sometimes in hours. We asked the Disciple of Guruji, Santhnam about meditation. .He asked us to observe Guruji at 5 feet distance from his left side during meditation and to smell the air that surrounds him.

Once in Thiruvanamalai we had a opportunity to test . After new moon day, on the third day, at about 12 o clock in the night, Guruji was in meditation. As Santhanam told us we were waiting at the left side of Guruji and we couldn’t see anything. As time passed we had a nice aroma of Javathu. The aroma filled the air and reached our lungs. We forget ourselves and came back to reality only when Guruji called us by our names.

We wondered how come we smelled the aroma of Javathu? We asked Santhanam about this. He said, when a person does good deeds, angels will bless. If he does bad things evil spirits will bless. Meditation is a good deed.

Angels like humans when they meditate .Because only humans has the ability to become oneself with God. Even they became angels and reached God only after a birth as humans. Meditation with Synchronization of the mind cannot be achieved in one birth.  It will take many rebirths followed by becoming angels and the next birth as human will make us to reach the lotus feet of God. This effort by the humans to become angels is much adored by the angels, they will bless and protect from any obstacles.

When Guruji starts to meditate, the angels surround him and they help Guruji, which is known by the beautiful aroma of Javathu. When holiness prevail in an area, this aroma is always present. Not only in Thiruvannamai, wherever Guruji sits in mediation we  can smell this aroma. We talk very casually with Guruji and get angry when he scolds us. We too make comments along with him and he behaves very much like  a normal person. But how great he is?

Generations cannot find such a personality. Time cannot destroy his eminence. We are really blessed to have Guruji with us.

We slowly started to realize what Santhanam said. Many times in Kadakanur ashramam, when Guruji sits for meditation, we have felt the aroma of Javathu and strange movement of air. We said to Guruji that he meditates with total focus and expressed our desire to do the same .We asked him to share the sweetness of meditation. He said:

Meditation is not magic. It’s a powerful Guru. It is not a gift to give. You must do meditation and nobody can do it for you. When you bell continuously you will hear the sound of “OM”. Do meditation continuously. Every minute, every hour, every day think about meditation. Continuous practice will stabilize your mind. Guru should lead the way for the disciple. I can only guide you but you must walk with me-Said Guruji.

We understood that we should practice meditation. We put all our effort but like a school child there is lot of unanswered questions in our mind. One thing is definite. If meditation is linked with the mind .how holy persons like Guruji does strange thing above nature? Santhanam explained it to us:

When we prepare lunch, sambhar has a taste, curry has a taste and each food has a taste .If everything has to be tasted and felt nobody will like the food. The smell of the food travels through our nostrils and stimulates our taste buds. Our mind starts to imagine and it would urge us to taste the food. The same can be linked with Gnani’s. Only when we hear his incredible experience we would also focus to meditate. Unnatural things that happen for Gnani’s is a lesson for us.

 Santhanam also added that this is not the only strange thing .Still we have many that we can see in the new moon day nights. He invited and kindled the fire in us by adding fuel of anxiety. From that day we waited for new moon day. We were riding our dream horses and finally the day came. Guruji was talking to us till 12 o clock and asked us to make him sit under a tree undisturbed until he calls. We obeyed and left the place but without winking our eyes we kept watching Guruji through a window in the Ashramam.

It’s night time.  New moon day. No lights. Only when we look deeply we could see Guruji. After concentrating deeply, Guruji was seen .He had pillow in his lap and his head was bowed down as usual. Suddenly we witnessed something that stopped our heart for a second. Like a balloon floats in air Guruji was seen one feet above the ground in sitting position. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Is it a dream or reality or some magic? We were profusely sweating. As Santhanam said we controlled our voices and bowed in the direction of Guruji. We were at joy and he was floating for half an hour. Slowly he came to the ground and he called us.

We ran and cried at his feet pleading for blessing. He was calm and asked us to bring a cup of hot water. When we were away he scolded Santhanam for doing such an idiotic act. He said we are immature adolescence and we will only get more confused and asked him never to do this again. Santhanam held his head low in front of Guruji because of us. Since he asked us personally not to reveal this we maintained this secret for 6 years. After getting his consent we are documenting to make the readers understand Guruji better and deeper.

Lord shiva accompanies guruji

Secret of the Guruji - 6

  Right from the time I started to know the world, I have a special attachment towards Lord Krishna. May be because I heard Ramayana and Mahabharatham  stories from my father or stories of Krishna Leela from my sister. But I don’t pray to him .This is the truth. Krishna is my friend,my relative and many times I address him as “mama”.. Whenever I am in distress, I am always rescued by Lord Shiva.That is why I address him respectfully  as “Appa”

 Guruji always addresses God as some relatives and we asked him why?  The answer he gave was  cent percent true and we have personally experienced it too. We were with Guruji, when unbearable ordeals had a great effect in Guruji’s life and we know his words are true.

WhenGuruji started his Sanyasi life and got Theetchai , his first promise was not to touch money for the next three years in any form. Nor receive any gifts and  also not to  ask for any donation. These promises are easy to write but we know the obstacles in following and we deem it aprivilege to experience those odds along with Guruji.

Once there was absolutely no provision to cook food in the Ashram. All that we had are some aluminium vessels and wood sticks. Seven of us have to eat. Five of them are orphans and they depend on Ashram food.  Remaining was Guruji and his assistant Mr.Vijayan. Since Guruji has ordered us on not to ask for help from anybody ,we don’t know what to do. But Guruji was not at all worried and was singing SivaPuranam with voice modulation.

Guruji’s assistant Mr. Vijayan was very much restless. He is an ordinary family man and he couldn’t imagine the day without food. 
 He went to guruji and said” Keep your promises with you. Don’t make the little kids starve . You cannot ask for money ,but we can,right? Will you permit us?”

Guruji was reciting a verse from Sivapuranam and he looked at Vijayan  and said” Only empty vessels make more noise. Are we one of that? Keep quiet. Whoever have made me to take this promise know all this would happen. Things will happen themselves at the right time.. Read some books and be calm.” And Guruji started to read sivapuranam again.

 Vijayan has no words to speak. He knows his limit and left the place. Ashram was in complete silence. It was 1 o clock in the afternoon. Guruji asked for water . That time a lorry entered the ashram and two men alighted and carried one bag of rice,vegetables,pulses and oil and kept it before Guruji.

Guruji saw them with surprise. For where are you coming from? Who gave you all this? Aske d Guruji. The two men fell at the fet of Guruji and said”  A new officer had come for TNC godown. He heard about you and asked us to give these things as donation for the Ashram. He also like to meet u in the evening ,if you permit.”

 I don’t know your officier. What ‘s his name? asked Guruji.”Ruthramurthy is his name.” they said. We have heard this name before at a different circumstances in a dark night in the dense forest. We know its just not a  name. Its God himself. We slowly realized that the name “Ruthramurthy” and Guruji have a strong link.

 Guruji deceided to travel from Villupuram to kanyakumari by auto. We are literally scared. As we have now,it wasn’t a four way road. The orad was actually small with lots of bends and curves. Big trees are the biggest challenge for driving. Who wouldn’t be afraid of travelling so far?

“ I cannot walk and I cannot go by cycle ,so I chose the three wheeler.Who is going to come with me? asked Guruji. We didn’t have the courage to say no and we all nodded . Guruji said that everybody cannot travel in auto.He wanted any one to accompany Him and Santhanam.

When we reached tiruchi by auto, It was dark. The front light of the auto  didn’t burn. The driver said that there is some problem with the dynamo. Guruji asked the driver to continue his driving and the lights from other vehicles helped us. Almost we travelled the whole night and we were shit scared.

 After 25 hours of journey, we reached Kanyakumari. We took rest and went to many temples. After 8 days of stay we resumed our journey back to Villupuram and thank God, the auto lights  were working. We were not much afraid now as we got used to three wheelers.  We crossed Madurai and the vehicle suddenly stopped. We couldn’t find a busy market place. It was 1:30 am  and still everyone was wide awake.

Since the driver was a mechanic, he started to fight with the engine using a feeble light source. He said something got broken and where to go to get it that time? It was achill whether and it seemed it would rain. We tried to stop other vehicles for help but it was futile. We thought we would be stranded there all night. It started to rain but Guruji was so cool. We couldn’t understand his heart. What will he take seriously?

That time a policle patrol van arrived. The inspector enquired about us. We introduced ourselves to him and scolded us for travelling such a long distance by auto.” Are u educated enough to also take a physically challenged person? Why are you doing like this” saying this he came near to Guruji. We were thinking what if he starts behaving like this to Guruji too?
But nothing happened like we thaught. The inspector touched the feet of Guruji and asked how he could help us. Guruji explained the situation and said “whatever  you can”. The inspector asked us wait for 5 minutes and left. Exactly after a few minutes he came with a mechanic and necessary materials to repair the auto. The Auto was made ready.

The inspector asked us to follow his vehicle and also to have some food and Guruji nodded. It was a small village and the inspector made a small shop to open and gave us banana to eat. He was so concerned about Guruji. .He accompanied us for some distance and  when he deceided to go, he came near guruji. Guruji asked his name and he said”Ruthramurthy”-the name that still vibrate in our ears.
The walls  of the ashram at arakandanallur was previously made of clay soil. The roof was made with bamboo and sand chips. Though the ashram looks beautiful ,during rainy season, there will be water everywhere and get back to normal life will take a few days. Till then we will have to stay somewhere. It would be better if we could build a little raised building. That that it would costs us around 50,000 but we had financial constraint. We would tell Guruji to permit us to ask donation from rich people who come to ashram to meet Guruji.
Guruji will never permit us . He would say that we should not compel anybody to give money.  Once some people came and said they are politicians  and wanted to become the minister. They wanted Guruji to perform the pooja, unmindfull of the expenditure. They are even ready to construct the building if Guruji is ready to perform the pooja. 

Guruji did not accept. “Ask  that you want to became the Minister,but don’t bargain.” We thought Guruji is letting go of a golden opportunity . After he left ,we asked him why let go a person who is willing to construct  the ashram building.? Guruji said” Asking for help from anybody is like begging. Getting it from the right person is dignity. I don’t want to beg. The money he would give is equal to  a worm ina shit.. That money will only bring sufferings.  Wait for the right time and God will send the right person for construction.”
Three months later,it was a full moon day nd guruji finished his Agnihothra Homam. He was answering to  the questions like-what is Homam and how the things put in fire enters the human body. Suddenly he looked at the  entrance and he saw a man standing there. We could also see a50 year old man in a Brahmin attire. We called him inside.

He paid his respect to Guruji and both of them were talking for sometime. Guruji  gave two bananas to him and bid him goodbye. He took the fruit and kept them inside his cloth bag. He scolded his forgetfulness and took five bundle of rupees and kept at Guruji’s feet and said” My mother gave this to me and asked me to give it for good cause. I have done it and I am leaving”

Guruji asked Santhanam to keep the money. Before tak ng the money Guruji asked the name of the Brahmin to write in the notebook. He laughed and said” Ruthramurthy”. We were spell bound. Who is this Ruthramurthy? Is he a human or God himself in the form of man?
When Guruji could find no one to give him sanyasa theetchai, a man came and thaught Guruji all the secrets and gave him Theetcahi and he is  “Ruthra paramahamsar” Not only this, in all ordeals and tribulations, People with the name Ruthra have always rescued Guruji.. Only a few examples are cited,untold are many. That’s why we asked Guruji “ Who is Ruthramurthy”?
He said the same answer that was documented in the first paragragh. Please read it once more and you will understand Who Ruthramurthy is. When man transforms in to God, God takes the form of Man and shower his love.

The himalayan lingam

Secret of the Guruji - 7

The magic performed by the siddhars are always captivating. Can we also do like them? Though we don’t have any powers we assume it and fly horses.  As we dream the Ruthrathandavam of Lord Shiva and Godess Sakthi, we start to dream flying in the sky and across nations. We used to think that if at all we have had these magical power,we would rule the world.But Alas,God did not give us.

We would be surprised to see the ordinary humans performing strange things by their magical powers. How do we be ignorant of these magical powers, having a tall standing man like Guruji amidst us? How can we stop ourselves from testing these powers? As we are common human beings , we asked Guruji” You have many magical powers, but we have never witnessed anything. Can’t we see?”

Magic is a fantasy. If we concentrate and start focus on this power, we would leave the path of reaching God. Moreover, these magical powers will only be self centered and self oriented. So,I don’t give much importance and exhibit these powers.

We realized the truth behind his words. But the eager didn’t leave us. We wanted to see those power by some means. One among us asked”Please show us atleast one Guruji?”. “I cannot tolerate your trouble, go get me the camphor from the Goddess statue from the Ashram.” said Guruji.

We got him the camphor.He kept it on the stand and told us to see the camphor burning on its own.He asked one of us to blow air toward the camphor and the next second it caught fire. We couldn’t believe our eyes. Without even touching it,it was burning.How was it possible? We were speechless.

He didn’t stop there. He Said “Today is New moon day and it will be pitch dark in the night. Come and see in the mid night. I will give you the power to see in the dark”. We were wondering still about the camphor and one more again? We were excited and waited for the night.
It was mid night and our heart beat was high. He asked us to sit in a line and to close our eyes.he touched our forehead  with his index finger.we could feel some sticky substance in our forehead. After 5 minutes of silence, he asked us to open our eyes. We opened our eyes and like a beam of torch light, we could see almost everything in that circle.

We were taken aback. Within minutes he made us to feel the magical power. How was it all possible? We had thousands of questions in our mind. We couldn’t hold ourselves from asking Guruji about this.

He smiled as usual and said “ I already tole you that every humans can become a siddhar.. You also have become a siddhar and experienced the magic”. We stood quiet. Whatever happened here is not because of Magic but by a plot. He started narrating to us about these magical powers. The way they are exhibited, their needs etc., Since Guruji himself has narrated about this many times, we are not documenting here.

Again we kneeled before Guruji. We told him that we wanted to see the real magic. He consented and closed his eyes.He lifted his two hands and chanted some mantras. As he chanted, the place was filled with the aroma of sandal and rose flowers. It was cool inside the room beating the temperature of the summer season. We had Goosebumps as we felt the state of bliss. It was the very first time we had this holy experience.

Guruji startrd to shiver. His hands were held high.Within a wink of the eye,a miracle happened. A shiny black shiva lingam glittered. How did it come?He didn’t take it from the hidden place as all the six of us were watching his hands. Even Guruji’s eyes were closed. It just appeared in the air and was seen in the hands of Guruji. We were once again astonished to see the God’s blessings and Guruji’s mercy.

He kept the Lingam in a bowl and asked us   to keep watching it. He told us that it would disappear within the next half an hour.He also said that if we want to see it again, we will have to go to Himalayas.We were confused. Why are you saying like this Guruji,? We asked him. His answer was again a treat to our mind.

We can bring the Lingam from the mouth or from between the fingers. We just need to have it in our hands.But to bring the Lingam using mantras, the Lingam should be in a holy place.. The power of meditation and the Mercy of God will slowly move the lingam and place in before our eyes and later disappear.

As time went, the Lingam started to dissolve and become powder like. In front of our eyes,we saw the Lingam becoming powered and mixing itself in the air. We almost forgot to wink our eyes . We couldn’t imagine that a Lingam which was respected by Rishis had come to us.

We were sure that with holy souls like Guruji. many precious Lingam will stay. Because he never used his powers to exhibit or to attract others. He never care about people who comment  and also have not taken pains to prove his worth. He just showed us that one day. ” If you trust in my power of meditation, stay with me. If you are here just to see my magical powers, please go away and concentrate on your work. I don’t want your recognition” is his clear answer.

Guruji protects his believers.

Secret of the Guruji - 8

  Some believe in Guruji.  Some have unmeasurable bakthi towards him. But some totally surrender to him. There are two people who have totally surrenderd to Guruji and they are the first disciples Mr.Govindasamy and Mr.Santhanam by name.

 Santhanam was introduced to guruji in the early 90’s.  Guruji has comicallt told about their introduction many times. “It was thrusday at about 4 pm,  my  assistant  Sanmugasundaram told me that a friend of him wanted to see me”. He also said theat his father works for a printing press and compelled me to see him at least once.

 Whoever wanted to see me should come to the ashram. Why should I go and see him as if he is the boss and I am the employee. Only Gosd is mt boss and told him I cannot travel to see him. But shanmugasundaram somehow persuaded me and got my permission.

 About 4:30 , At the printing press of Shanmugasundaram, I met Santhaanam for the first time. As soon a she saw me he wished me and was talking to me on general matters and I answered him without much involvement. After 10 minutes Santhanam said “ Today being Thrusday, I have to go to Sri Raghothama swami Bridhavanam. Please don’t mistake me and I ‘ll again meet you tomorrow.” And he left the place.

 I just vented out my anger on Shanmugasundarm. I told him” I would have taken rest for sometime. You took me here  but that fellow left to Bridhavanam. Why did he come here then? He will come tomorrow also? Only for tomorrow I ll allow”. I taught hw would not come and I was mistaken. Santhanam came the very next day and till today he is with me.  He has dedicated himself to  God and to me” Said Guruji.

 What is the reason behind santhanam being so fond of Guruji?  If Santhanam can surrender to Guruji, an ordinary tea vendor like Ramu can give even their life for Guruji. How is this possible? What is his power? Guruji doesn’t have any money ,only others should give him.  If it is for his spiritual power,Guruji will not use his power  for people who are very close to him. Everyone should abide the law of Karma. If you  stop following your karma, then you need to be born again and again. Then what  makes everyone to get attracted towards Guruji?

 Santhanam himself told us the answer. If “ we ask God for money ,he will give. If  we ask for dress, he will give. Whatever we ask ,God is ready to give us. But why to ask God? If you surrender yourselg completely to him, he will take care of you at all times. He knows your wants. Invisible  God and Visible Guruji is all same for me. I have put everything at his feet.. I don’t even think about my need, because he thinks for me.

 “This thought was not a sudden onset. So many experiences and hindrances had made me to feel the joy of surrender. Once my mother took my horoscope to a astrologer. He told my mother that I have a serious issue in my life span and cautioned to be careful while driving vehicles. My mother was totally against me driving any vehicles. At that time , Guruji gave me a bicycle and asked me to use it”.

 Do I obey my mother? Or just follow what guruji say? I was confused.. Guruji’s forethought was more significant than mother’s love.

 I started riding bicycle daily from Thirukovillur to Arakandanallur.Once I was on the way to Thirukovillur, there  is a place called Dhevanur,which is a three road junction. It was pitch dark and suddenly a dog crossed me. There was a lorry behind me. I should have actually lost my balance and  must have fallen near to the lorry. If that had happened  , I would have lost my life.

 A miracle happened that time. The dog fell at the tyres of the lorry.  I felt that somebody is pulling me forcibly and was breathing heavily very close to me. I just stopped myself and   could feel my heart beating heavily.. I was feeling dizzy but I managed to open my eyes and could see the round face of Guruji. It wasn’t shocking but was very comforting. I sat for sometime and when I opened my eyes I saw the dog was totally smashed. I understood that the dog lost its life for me. Then I came home and slept.

 The next day morning I went to the ashram and Guruji asked me” Santhanam,why are you doing circus with the cycle? Please inform before you do any circus.” I understood the power of Guruji. However far  Guruji is, he will definitely come to rescue his loved ones from danger. Is it not wrong to ask for petty things to a man of such power –Our Guruji?

It is not that miracles had happened only in the life of Santhanam. People who have not seen Guruji have also experienced many unbelievable things in their life. We often hear those  through telephones. Even people in London,France, Italy and other countries have shared their experiences. Whoever believes in Guruji will find the essence of life. We would like to share what Govindasamy had said.

 The light of the sun is common for all.  The sun serves everybody. Guruji can be compared to the sun. He never show partiality to people who are against him and who criticize him. Once I  got very much  irritated when one man was speaking with disrespect about Guruji. Guruji said” Even if he talks about me, those are just words.Why do you have to worry for that?. Change his mind and he will understand us better. You will see it for yourself”. That man came after one year and said that Guruji was kind enough to cure his disease . We understood that Guruji always remains unbiased.

 The mother will know why a child cries though it doesn’t talk.  Guruji has many children.He hears the voice of every child. If you believe in him, he is ready to wipe all your tears however far you are from him. It is not that you need to explain about your pain personally to him.If you think about him for a minute and pray, you will feel his presence right in front of you.

It’s true that water only quenches the thirst. It doesn’t care how we treat it. Its duty is to serve everybody meticulously.As far as India is concerned, from yester years till today, Gnani’s who lived and who are still living are like water. Only ordinary people like us pollute even the Ganges.

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