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Amrita Tara Mantra !

       Inspite of surplus wealth, our human mind is still in constant urge for more and more materialistic desire. Such discontented people are seen everywhere in this world. But still we witness a set of population that lacks the basic amenities of life.

They don’t carve for a bungalow or car; they need food to feed their hunger, dress to cover their body and a place to shelter for rain and shine. Many people don’t have a basic platform yet some have 9 homes. Is this a social stigma? God’s  play?

One breadwinner in the family to meet out the hunger of seven others. How to live? Like a poor you can neither live in the streets, nor can sleep like a richman in the airconditioned room. In between these two extremities there are uncountable people whos life keep swinging.

Hungry man needs money for food. Middle class needs money for a comfortable living. Even rich needs money for a more luxurious living. Nobody says “NO” to money. Even sathus who have renounced the worldly pleasures need money to worship GOD.

There is a popular notion that whatever is destined for you will only reach you, even if you try harder and harder for more. But desire inhibits knowledge. It constantly whips the body to accumulate wealth by some means or the other. Man runs behind money-becomes workaholic, sleepless but still he couldn’t procure wealth.

To overcome this problem shall we change our name according to numerology? Can we wear precious stones? Performing yagna and pooja will change the situation? Sometimes these things make a brilliant change but many time it is the waste of money and time This brings distrust on astrology and  clouds of confusion prevails..

Changing names, wearing gems and performing poojas are the good advice given by our ancestors. There is no doubt that they are powerful too. But these act outside us to give us good things. Their vibration should reach us at correct angle otherwise they are useless.

So  to achieve our goal, we should not only believe the external forces but also analyze other factors because sastras says that solution to every problem lies within us .We must identify those energy, activate them to see them work wonders.
Human body is a treasure house. Priceless treasures are hidden in it. Some are seen, known by scientific reasoning .Many cannot be felt by the senses, neither can be viewed nor reasoned. But very true to itself. This unseen energy is present in unique parts of the human body. That is why we have heard a popular saying: “That present in the universe is present within our own self”

Space encompasses the sounds of mantras. The energy to obsorb these sounds are inside us. In order to activate we need to pronounce these sounds at an appropriate rhythm. These sounds will sync our energy with the universal energy. Now the power of God will reach us and all that we wish for will happen.

What are these silent Rhythms? How to procure them? What is its name? It is none other than the MANTRAS. We perform poojas, archanas, yagnas and even unbelievable miracles happen by chanting mantras. Do mantras fetch us money? Do we have such mantras? Yes we do have mantras that bring money and that is

“Amrita Tara Mantra”

 Some may find it as a joke,for some it will be strange, some deem it as a cheating trick.But please take it from me this is very true…Whatever is your circumstances, even ur life is drenching it will lift you to great heights. People who are cheated by their trust on this mantra is less than those who are cheated by their distrust.I have a strong reason to say this. First of all, what is a Mantra? How does it influence us? If you understand the logic you will become clear of its advantages.

Natural energy is angels. Mantras are a form of angels.To be more precise mantras are angels. God and angels are two forms.One is light other is sound.Both are same in one way.Light comes like sound. Mantras are audible angels.A particular angel gives a particular wish through a particular mantra.

Mantras are accumulation of sounds.There is no world without sound.No life…everything seen is from sound. Even Christianity believes in this.In the first chapter of Vivilliam it is clearly stated that in the beginning  word exist and that word is Jesus.Before Vivilliam Hindhuism  denoted it as the origin of Sound.It also said that  God is in the form of Vedic Mantra

Though sound is one,as drops of water make a  big ocean,many small sounds are present that are uncountable.For the born and the unborn these sounds are unique.Nothing like a own house though rented homes are plenty.Similarly though we have 1000 mantras we must choose the one that suits us to fulfill our desires.

We have wide choices in choosing a dress,car, water we use because they are seen and known. But mantras are invisible .Simple mantras cannot be easily identified, then how do we select the unique mantra for us?

As human population is plenty so are our charcters and thoughts.Peculiar habits,strange environment and countless vibration of the inner conscience but every man on this planet comes under 3 categories.Vedhas are now scientifically proved. Stong SATHVAM, Evergoing RAJASAM,Stagnant THAMASAM-are the 3 classes. This category encompasses all Mangolian African, Asian and Europoean.

ATHVAM, RAJASAM, THAMASAM do not act individually or together.They are interlinked at varying proportions and many characters evolve based on these combinations.Though they are varied, the roots are these three triangles.

As the human characters are classified in to three,so as the mantras that fulfill our family needs in this world is classified in to 3 by our ancestors.As are senses are connected Mantras has lakhs of mixtures.Those who have learnt the formula of the mixture owns the mantra.Here, to learn the Mantras one need  the help of Guru.

The guru knows the secret of Mantra.He knows the energy level and reactions of all mantras by his rich experience.Some Philosophers,Saints and Gurus have formulated mantras.Like a story and like a epic they are believed to make mantras which is untrue.mantra is not a chair to make and not a well that is made by concerted efforts. Mantra generate by itself in the space.The vibration of these are mantras are not heard but seen by the Rishis and saints.That is why they are called as “MANTRA THRISTA”.They saw mantras eye to eye and wrote only a few. Generation after generation Gurus were available and so unwritten mantras are more.

Gurus who take Guru advice heredity after heredity, are familiar with the identification of a particular mantra for a particular person.How did they get this power? Every man has got three types of physique.One type is made of food.Second is by senses and third by the light made by vibration.I know this will confuse you, especially with the third type.

Every man has got a unique light around him.That light has colours of red, green, blue and many more.Those colours depict the thoughts and the soul of the person.

For example, a purple colour represents the hard work, white and yellow represents his enthusiastic nature. This light can be visualized by Yogis, Rishis and some persons with holy power.

By my life experience, from my immature days to this time whenever I see a person, I can see the vibrations of his thoughts in different colours.Now with practice I know that these colours are around the man. These Colours are called “AURA”.When you look deep in to this AURA you will easily know whether the person has ATHVAM, RAJASAM or THAMASAM character.This power and familiarity with Mantra Sastra will enable one to identify the unique mantras for us.

Everything said in the 4 vedas are nothing but Mantras.Instead of searching the meaning of the words, it is wise to search the hidden power of the sounds.Apart fron vedic mantras, Rishis have identified many mantras by their holy power.Based on that Mantra sastras were formulated in to three types namely Vedha mantra,Parayana mantra and Pija mantra.

Vedha mantra has few lines in it.Examples are Gayathri mantra,Maha mantras etc.,Parayana mantra have big sentences  as we see in Vishnu sahasranamam,Ruthram and Srisuktham.Pija mantras have only a few letters but immense power.Without these sound there is no world.These sounds has the power to provide us boon. The Pija mantras for an individual has to come rightly from the advice of Guru and when we pronounce the mantras ,their vibration penetrate deep into our body to rejenuvate our power points.Such activated power points mix with the vibrations of Pija mantras and will obsorb the universal energy to make our desire get fulfilled.

This human birth is to know His powers, to cherish his blessing and to attain Mukthi. Money, power and richness are nothing before Mukthi. Gnani should help the ordinary lay man to attain mukthi instead of carving for wealth. Many ask whether it is dharma to use these powers to accumulate wealth and comforts. The early man was busy in hunting for food and later when agriculture was known to quench his hunger, he started to think deeply.Only after his family needs are satisfied he thinks about the spiritual needs.

Mahakavi Bharathiyar said that if a man is behind salt, sugar and mere money even a theist will become a atheist.In order to see God Mantras are formed, to attain wealth Mantras are framed.Today man has lot of needs,inevitable duties.So he is in an endless search for money. Only when he overcomes this big dig, he can feel the big ocean of God.This duty is bound to us.Swami vivekanda said “Don’t preach Veda to the hungry man.Provide Food.With whatever Mantra sastras I know I help people to overcome their life’s difficulties.

I can quote many experience but this space cannot hold.I have a pentacoast friend who propagates that Mantras and Thantras are superstitious practices in Hindu religion.He has a strong faith in Jesus and that strong was also his poverty.I gave him a mantra and asked him to pronounce it to getrid of his poverty.I adviced him that mantras are not religion based but got a scientific reason. In respect to my words, he half- heartly chanted the mantras.As days went his poverty disappeared and now he owns a house in Palayamkottai and is happy with his wife and children.

 The purpose of quoting this example is that Mantras even chanted without belief has its power.Similarly, Mantras are not confined to Hindu religion and followers of Hinduism but it is like air, water,sky common to all.Mantras are like waterbody ready to quench the thirst of everybody.We are hesitant to walk to that water source.We must try to keep away from hesitation and get ready to get drenched .

Kindly don’t mistake that the mantra I teach will only fetch you money. The burdens and sorrow of your life will disappear and you will hear the beautiful rhythm of the life. Do you suffer from dreadful disease? The medicine is this Mantra.Yet not married? Mantra is the solution. Problem in husband-wife relationship? Childless?T he only answer is this Mantra.To be precise this Mantra will clear all the obstacles and make your life peaceful

Clear water to quench your thirst is nearing you; chill breeze is at your doorstep. The beautiful aroma of Jasmine and the sandal fragrance is floating, why keep your doors closed and keep yourself at bay. To guarantee your freedom and to provide a suitable platform for all your comforts, the ultimate solution given by the yogis is the MANTRAS. I am ready to feast you with these mantras and I stretch my arms to cordially invite you. Come, Lets overcome the obstacles.

Benefits of Amrita Tara Mantra
To Get Wealth and good Influence
To Get Improvement in Business
To Attain peace in the Family
To find the solution for husband and wife issues
To Get Good Marriage Life
To See the development of the child
To Get Good Job
To Recover from Long term Diseases
To Get Strong Memory Power
To Solve the Psychological Problems

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Journey to Planet Mars !

Secret of the Guruji - 1

     It’s a natural desire for every human to know things beyond his understanding. To just know about the South American Mayans and their unimaginable powers people stand in anxiety and excitement. Even an old man in his death bed would get up to know the hidden secrets. Such is the anxiety that rules the human nature.  

Do humans live only on earth? Do people from other planets visit us? Still unexplored secrets prevail on earth?  Migration from one body to other-what is that? Why unnatural figures are not seen by our eye? Like this we have millions of questions that enthrall us .We know the scientific reason behind these questions. Our Rishis, Vedas and other books enlighten us on astronomy, nature of the planets and on how to fly in the sky. What are the secrets they have shared? Only Rishis can see and feel these strange things? Today’s Gnani’s can do this? We ask these questions to Guruji often, for which he answers directly and indirectly. We would like to share some of those answers with you. In that aspect we asked whether humans exist in other planets. He said:

We have many misconceptions about our Puranas. We believe everything is exaggerated in Puranas. Lies and unbelievable imagination predominant and so puranas should not be believed. This has been inculcated in our brains by the Britishers. We must change our mentality and atleast have a researcher mind to explore believable facts.

Puranas says that  Devas ,Asuras and  brave Princes of the kingdom  have travelled to different worlds and won battles. It is not the nature of our ancestors to blindly preach us false things. They never talk about things that are untrue.

For example: Our ancestor taught us that Moon is cool and has water. But initially science said even if u squeeze the entire moon not a drop of water will be available. This notion has changed. They now say that a small water body from moon can quench the thirst of almost ¾ th of the population for some years. So science and its findings is not the end. And so is the life in other planets.

Our Rishis has gained the powers of “Akasha Kamini” mantra. When our body is kept safe at one place, our soul keeps a slight contact with the body and travels wherever it wants. Not only earth but it can travel beyond earth and identify new things and secrets .In that aspect, life in other planets can be known. Till now Gnanis have travelled to 14 worlds and said life exist in these worlds. These can be classified into seven worlds on Heaven and seven on earth.

The Islamic Quran has emphasized on the existence of 7 sky. Christian’s Vivilliam tell us that people came from heaven. So life exists in other world. May be in our solar family other planets doesn’t support life but other solar family supports life forms. We asked Guruji whether Mars has life and whether our ancestors have described about the planet.

He answered that life is already present in Mars. In Kandha puranam ,the Asuran Surapadman should have hid the devars in Mars. Because the jail like appearance of Mars as said in Puranas matches with the recent photographs taken by astronauts. Like we are destroying our planet Earth, the occupants of Mars have destroyed their planet. The fossil bones in Kurushetra has the influence of atomic radiation. The atomic energy was known to ancient man and the people in Mars had energy powerful than atomic radiation and at some time they would have played with these radiation causing their own destruction. Mars is not totally destroyed, some parts has Water, air and predisposing factors of life. He said that in near future evidences to believe this can be identified and that his insighst will be accepted.

We were able to realize the experience of Akasa Kamini mantra  by Guruji. 

Spirits Set Free by Guruji !

Secret of the Guruji - 2

     What does Spirits and Ghost mean to us? White cloths, without legs, fragrance of Jasmine, sound of bells and so on have been deep rooted in our minds. The reason behind this is cinema, novels and our Granny. They have dramatized how people under the influence of evil spirits   behave strange and unnatural. Do spirits influence us? We raised this question to Guruji.

He laughed. He said that we imagine and remain ignorant, which is dangerous also. People who have died of snake bite are less than people who died because of fear .Fear is the dreadful disease and this fear has been installed in our early age.

Some cinema threatens us with the way in which spirits behave. But for the people who knows the truth all this is just a joke .First one should understand the basics of Spirits. Since soul resides in our body, we are called Humans. Spirits doesn’t have body. This is the only difference. Black eyes, strange teeth and beaked nose are our imagination.

Spirits are not only white in color. In my understanding they are black, white and orange in colour. Female spirits doesn’t have special sounds. They come with no sounds or with different sounds. If we were fat, it doesn’t mean that are spirit should also be the same. Spirits are gaseous and so they float in air.

If the body is the only difference, how do they know the future when we cannot do this? Guruji said a person who walks on a wall knows what is happening inside and outside the wall. Death separates soul from the body and soul do not have the bodily pains. So soul can perceive the past, present and Future. Since our body suffers in pain we cannot travel in the chariot of time.

Spirits can tell us about the future but cannot change the good and bad things we have to undergo. Knowing the future is also a means of protecting us. He said only God can change the TIME.

We asked him whether spirits have warned him personally or generally about the happenings. He said he has many examples to quote and he said one example.

“Mantras can deteriorate a good body with slow poisoning or even kill a person. We have the opposite mantras to tackle them .I had a desire to know these mantras. I tried but failed. I expressed my failure to my friend Mr.Velunaiyakam who died of a miserable incident. Once when I talked to his spirit, he said this particular mantra is available in a particular place with a particular person and asked me to contact him.

I followed his advice and I learnt that Mantra .I mastered the mantra only because of Velunaiyakam spirit. He helped me even after his death and made me understand that spirits can help in a big way. Likewise I have also experienced bad things from spirits .When spirit requests me to help them to attain shanthi, I suffered physically and mentally.”

We have experienced a few things when we were with Guruji. Once we travelled with him to Uvari St.Antony’s church. When we were about to cross the flagstaff of the church our car stopped unexpectedly. After 5 minutes we taught we will go and sit in the beach but Guruji denied and asked us to drive to our ancestral home.

Before we reached home, Guruji experienced terrible stomach pain and loose motion. He became tired for just travelling 5 hours. After we reached home he was feeling better. When we asked him what had happened he said the Flagstaff of St.Anthony church has millions of spirits tied and they have stopped the car to make him help them to get freedom. He said” I chanted the mantras and set them free and the consequence is this pain.”

Only Guruji can laugh in his sufferings and pain. 

Lucky Gems !

  Precious stones like Diamond and Cats eye possess the power of absorbing the universal energy. I was surprised when I studied Atharvana Veda which said these energies can be radiated into the human body.

People get mesmerized of Diamonds as they glitter, add beauty and make them proud of the possession. I was under the belief that this quality temptate people to stud diamonds in their jewels.
I soon realized that it is wrong as I understood that these diamonds are worn not just because of their beauty but also for their tremendous power of grasping the universal energy.

Though I was astounded initially, I was kindled to do a focused research. I had a precious stone, cats eye by name which I studded in silver ring. One of my follower expressed his desire for the ring and I whole heartedly gave him the catseye ring.

After he wore the ring, a couple of days went very normal but he suffered from a terrible stomach related disease from the third day. In spite of serious treatments for more than five days he didn’t recover. I was worried and I had a intuition that this ailment may be because of the catseye ring and I advised him to remove the ring. I was astonished to know that he recovered within few minutes after he followed my advice.

After this incident I strongly felt the vibrant powers of precious stones and many such happenings confirmed their potent powers. So I instructed my followers to do a detailed research on the identification of precious stones and their infinite properties. One such significant disciple of mine is Prof.R.V.Venkataramanan. He has researched on many fascinating stones and gained rich experience.

His specialty lies in his deeper understanding on the ability of precious gems to completely cure dreadful diseases and many hearts have thanked him for advising them on the right gem for their ailments.

I suggest that those of you who would like to get relieved from the ill effects of their planetary influence can kindly seek his advice on the right precious stone and make their life progress to glory.


                                                          Guruji disciple
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New Remedy to the Old home!

              Guruji, our home is a very old one. Everything is right on the basis of Vasthu. Yet, recently, we are facing obstacles in doing some good deeds in the home. There are unnecessary misunderstanding and worries arising. People suggesting that your home may have some dosha as it was a very old one and do Remedy for it. Eventhough it was built according to vaasthu sastra, is it necessary to change something or should do Remedy? if it is, when should we do that? Please explain and guide us.

With Regards,
                                                                                                            Vasudev Menon

        Even, the human body is losing its energy and strength when time passes. When getting old, you are automatically obtaining fatigue. Even God created human body has old age difficulties. Therefore the same happens to the human created buildings.

The walls of the buildings have many hundreds of pores in it. Air passes always through the pores. As time passes, the pores are automatically filled up with dust and fungus. Therefore, paints and emulsions are not adhering and the floors become brittle.

The basis of vastu sastra is, Godly powers enters the eesaanya and stays with the Niruthi . Therefore, if Niruthi has some faults in it, automatically problems arise at home. Usually old homes has some faults in all the four corners. Therefore, our ancestors often insist to update the home once in twelve years, if it is a palace or a hut. So do repair the faults in the home. Also, do a vaasthu homam (yagna) on a day when Vaasthu purusha is active.

Besides, you have to sprinkle the sea water and light incense sticks at home once in six months. If you do this, no negative powers and dhoshas approach your home.

Dosham which sends people to Prison

           My kind regards to Guruji. I have Kaala sarpa dosham in my horoscope. Raagu in sixth place and kedhu in twelfth place and other grahas located in this both. Many were suggesting it as a very bad condition. Is that true? Whether my life will be filled with sorrows or not? Please explain me without hiding anything.

 With Regards,
                                                                                                             Nagula sekaran,

           Many people are afraid of Kaala sarpa dosham. If I am asked, I’ll say there is no need of fear about it. Many have a concern about Rahu or ketu in lagnam, or one among the two in seventh place. But kaala sarpa dhosha’s consequences can be known by Rahu-ketu’s location. Depending on this, Kaala sarpa dosham may give good consequences also.

Even though, In his horoscope, Rahu is situated in sixth place and ketu in twelfth place or situated in vice versa, No big change will occur.

According to his graha, he might have faced difficulties in early life. He might have problems in family and might be struggling even for food. Also, he will face a situation of going to prison. After returning from the prison, he might have various changes in life and he will become very rich.

So, the person with this horoscope can leave to abroad from yaazhpaanam. He might have a situation to go to prison if he had some problems with visa. But the case will end up easily. Then after, he will be having a good jod and then he’ll start doing business.

PS: Kaala sarpa dosham: In any native's chart, the remaining seven houses are in the clutches of Rahu and Ketu is called Kala sarpa dosha

Man didn’t originate from monkeys

             Soul is a thing, which never can be destroyed. I think it is wrong to describe the soul is a thing. Because things have the structure. Further, we can say it as a thing if it possesses some more features. But the soul has no structure and weight. But from a long period, people keep on thinking about some imaginary structures while thinking about the soul. If we are also thinking like the soul is having some structure, we can study about the above said thing.

In the ancient books which describes about the Human body parts and yoga issues, it is mentioned that soul is in the size of our thumb and is situated next to the heart and it is controlling the electromagnetic waves all through the body. Some scientists are accepting this fact. The thumb factor is not just which is said in order to represent for human beings alone. But the fact will not be in that sense. There are organisms which don’t have fingers and there are organisms which is smaller than our fingers exist. Therefore, we have to take in the sense that it is said according to the organisms size and capability.

Unlike the plane is losing its motion with its destroyed parts, the soul cannot be destroyed with the demise of the body. Yet how the soul is entering inside the body and by whom it is sent to the body. If we think about the soul’s status after the demise of the body, we can get to know the real meaning of life which we are living. If we want to know the origin of life completely, we have to know about Jeevathma and Paramathma. Paramathma is the word which represents the Almighty. As the human beings are denoted by the word Jeevathma, we can get to know clearly that Jeevathma arises from Paramathma. For example, Small agal deepam which is lighted by the Annamalaiyar Maha Deepam.

The God or Paramathma is not created by anyone  and it spontaneously formed as a Maha Viruksha by itself. Jeevathmas are the leaves and fruits of that Maha Viruksham. So as God is spontaneous, Jeevathma’s are also spontaneous and it just expresses from the God.
We have to believe the origin of human beings is from the God. So that we can understand the journey of life. Although we are accepting it, there a problem arises. The souls which arises from the same origin should be similar in every aspect. While studying about the lives of organisms, we can understand the diversity between them both morphologically and functionally. Also, there is another issue along with it. There is an opinion saying that there is only one soul and it is controlling many bodies. Another group says that many bodies present as many souls are present. When we are thinking about which is right and which is wrong, we are just ending up with confusion.

Adhisankara’s athvaidham says there is the only soul exists. Mathvachari’s Thvaidham says there are many souls exists. The Acharya purushas are not speaking against the truth. Also, the statements of both the acharya’s has been told on the basis of Vedas. If we strongly believe the two opinions and think about it, we can get to know the truth.
The person who is at the peak of wisdom, won’t think about the operation of bodies. They will be the listening the source of the power which is controlling the body. Only while listening the source, we can experience the philosophy of God state. Thus we have to courageously accept the fact that sankara’s athvaidham won’t be applied to the worldly issues and Mathvachari’s Thvaidham is practically applicable and we can go ahead by having a conclusion that no organisms are similar.

The people who believe in origin of evolution says that organisms were in a different form when formed and later it was changed due to the evolution. Although evolution is irrelevant to the topic which we are speaking about, we should come to a conclusion without any suspicion that evolution is really happening or not. So that we can understand it clearly and courageously and we can also explain  it to others in a practical manner.
Every ancient religious book says that human was originated as a human form only. But the scientists now and scientists before a century are admitting that human beings had evolved from primitive forms.

There is a reason behind the scientists who strongly condemns the religion and the religious opinions. In western countries, some catholic pastors misused the religious policies in order to taste the administrative powers. Thus, they strongly oppressed the opponents for their greed over political powers. Therefore, The revolutionaries who stood for the rights and awareness of the people opposed the religion instead of opposing the religious persons.
The comparison of drugs with the religion is the serious consequence of this incident. As days passed, the revolutionaries started to oppose the religion blindly and thought it as the decency of the majority people. They should think for a while.
The loss of lives due to holy wars is larger than the loss of lives happened due to the atomic bombs. At the same time, religious policies and philosophies didn’t stimulate these wars. Instead, the political wars inside the false view of religion is the reason for those holy wars. No one can refuse this fact.

Thus, there is no reason other than this behind the opinion of these scientists who strongly condemns religion and religious policies. Although scientists know about the weak factors of the evolution’s policies, they are sticking to their opinions adamantly. So we can understand this behavior if we study the weakness of evolution theory.
In 1980, Archeological people found out an egg of the ostrich at the river side of Rajasthan. While examining the egg with the recent devices, it was found that the age of the egg is more than 25,000 years old. Likewise, in 1979, fossils of birds and frogs in the West Germany were detected. The Age of those fossils was found to be 5 Crore years.

This year they found out a monkey skeleton which is about 25 crore years old in Ethiopia. In soviet Russia, Drawings and depictions of many animals were drawn inside a cave. Russian archeological people admitted that it might be drawn before 40 thousand years ago. The skeleton of the giant birds were found out in Japan and America. In 1978, near Tokyo, a complete elephant skeleton which 30 lakh years old was found out when digging the soil heap.
Thus, many fossils which had been found out in various places of the world gives us a conclusion. Therefore, the egg of the ostrich remains similar to the one now after 25,000 years also. The sculptures found in the Russian caves are similar to the elephant and bear’s structure today also. The monkey skeleton looks similar to the present day one. Thus, animals remain similar like the one before many thousands and crores before. How can the human being alone can evolve to the present form?

Let us think in the view of evolution principles. If human is evoluted from monkey means, why does no monkey evolves as a human being now. Why does the natural phenomenon of evolution only changed monkey and left other organisms without evolution. Recent scientific studies reveal that the pig’s body parts are similar to the body parts of the human being. Therefore are the pigs are the ancestors?. Let the science give answers to these questions. Then we can think about leaving the religious principles which says, man is born as a man.
If we understand the weakness in evolution principles, we can clearly understand God created every organism and its form never changed since then. We understood about the origin of the souls and where it is staying temporarily. Before knowing where the souls leaving after the body’s death, we should know what religion says about human created as human.

A Great Result will be there on hand for Sure!

What is the use of doing Yaagams and Homams?


  People of this generation are asking about the use of creating fire by giving ghee to it and producing some smoke. Some atheists quotes as ‘by doing yagnams, only the tummy of the priests can grow and nothing will happen’

But that is not true. Doing Yagnams are the wise deed. People criticize doing yagnams as they lack scientific reasons behind doing it.

First of all, there are some methodological measurements for setting up of yaaga kundam. If you follow those things in methodological way, the yaaga kundam will be attracting the worldly power (Prapanja aatral)

People can attain their needs when chanting the mantra and giving the herbs as aahudhi to the created fire which is always facing upside.

For example, Bruhath Baraasara Hora Sastra insisting us to do Navagraha Yagna for destroying the problems such as obstacles for growth and for the enhancement of long lifespan and wellness.

It also insists to give nava dhaanya and nava pushpam as aahudhi. I had seen a lot of cases of this methodological Navagraha yagna which is resulted in a right way.

Yet, no one has the certificate evidences which are required by the scientific community.

The atheists will always say nothing exists, no matter whatever they have been given. But we don’t need to worry about it.

Our ancient gurus and saints have explained it as the outer sign of destroying the hidden greed and unnecessary thoughts inside the mind in the fire of soul.

The yaagams can be performed by anyone at anytime. A Great Result will be there on hand for Sure!

PS: Yagna :- Yagna is the other name of yagya.  Some people use it as yajna. It  is  a consciousness  based  vedic  performance.  Yagnas   are performed  by  vedic  pandits  with   the  aim  to bring prosperity, health,  contentment,  wealth, happiness to people or to nations. Contentment  is  the  base  of  a  full life.

Navadhanya :-  Navadhanya signifies the nine grains that are an important part of an Indian's staple food.

By 2020, Youth will be impotent

    A Doctor friend of mine told me that young men of Universe are becoming impotent. It was very shocking to me. Also, he added after ten years only 8 out of 100 persons will only be fertile in Universe. What is the reason for this condition? Is it really happening or some just spreading a rumor? I had this suspicion because the corporates can do anything and go to any bad extent.

A communist friend of mine said, some pharmaceutical companies from other nations are not only finding medicines for diseases, but creating diseases and medicines for it and they are just rotating it among people. They are harvesting many crores out of this. It is very shocking to us and creating fear inside everyone of us. Because, Miss world and Miss universe captions will be given to the women from the country in which the cosmetic companies around the world competes to sell their cosmetic products.

Likewise, I suspected that it might be the brain washing attitude and just the false notions which  are getting spread. But after listening to many practical issues, I realized it is not true and I came to know that the issue about the impotence is exactly true.

Today’s young generation is becoming very lazy. They don’t have physical activity and don’t like to do too. They are dreaming about the Everest peak just from their chair. They are just ruining their lives in front of computer day and night. They are sleeping when the sun rises and awake after sunset. The Sleep cycle is getting disturbed by it. It changes the normal process of the human body. Depression increases and diabetes knocks their door very earlier.

There are many medical reasons for diabetes, yet depression is the main reason for it. For example, my ancestors and my parents did not suffer with diabetes but I do. Doctors have told that depression is the main reason for my diabetes. They were right. I don’t have family and I don’t have any commitments and responsibilities which have to be finished off. I will be satisfied with food and cloth to wear.

Then from where the depression came to me. In 2003, I had a debt of many lakhs while doing a public service.It was very tough  and I struggled to repay the debt within 2003. I came to know the real meaning of poverty and debt. Many discomforts occupied my body during that tough time.

It is very practical that today’s young generation is suffering from those difficulties and depression like which I had suffered. They are bearing the excessive load which does not suit them and they are just struggling with the lack of experience and their young age to overcome their problems. Their body and mental health are automatically affected due to these difficulties and depression. And also, they are having a food culture and habit which is not relevant to our country’s weather. Diabetes is the prominent consequence due to these cultures.

Diabetes is affecting the ductless glands. Thus, it is causing the impotency and lack of interest in sexual activity to the young generation.Till 1970’s,  It was believed that it was happening just to men. After researching, it was found that it is also a condition happening inside women too and causing softness in reproductive organs of women. So these depressions causing people to lose their gender identities. It is an alarming situation.

Also, thickening of blood vessels affects the younger generation. It results in disability in erection and disability for women to reach a climax or peak. This may continue for months or years, according to the degree of the blood vessel thickness. Nervous system disorders which are the result of depression also result in sexual activity.

Physical inactivity, which is not natural, food habits and life style changes are the reason for Diabetes. Young generation is also suffering due to heart diseases. Heart attack nowadays became common among young generation. Even after escaping from the heart attack, impotence results due to the fear caused by it.

The intake of liquor is tremendously increased among the young generation. Not only young men are becoming slaves to the habit of having liquor, but the young women are equally participating and competing with men in the intake of liquor. 40% of men who takes liquor are having the erection problems. Upto ten percent men, there is the problem of semen ejection. 50% of women having problems in arousal and 15% of them have the problem in reaching the peak in sexual activity.

Besides, there are many more addiction substances such as injections and tablets which makes the young generation worse. There are also some issues in the human mind which destroy their potency.

Sexual interest is common to all the creatures created by God. But human is the only one who has some rules and restrictions in enjoying and exercising the sexual act. Sexual activity is considered as the holy act inside the families. If any disturbance happens in it or some collapses happen in that system, it will result in serious consequence.

No religion or country recognizes the habit of having sexual intercourse with others except the husband and wife. If people involving themselves in extra marital affairs, they can’t able to escape from the fear and nervousness naturally.

The insecure feeling during the sexual act will naturally result in impotency. Also other reasons such as living with the partner without love, insults by the partner during intercourse and inferior feeling over the sexual organs leads to impotency.Unexpected shocks, business loss, enmity and depression results in impotency.

Women are greatly affected by the mental depression in this case. Some women are sexually weak because of the rude attitude of male during intercourse. The male domination, pain, fear and incompatability are the issues which make women depressed and became the reasons for divorce sometimes. Extreme shyness, guilty consciousness and the fear of conception are also the reasons for the problem.

Masturbation is the prominent reason for male impotence. In allopathy, there is a strong argument that masturbation won’t cause impotence. Their opinion says, semen is also the excretory substance such as faeces, urine and sweat. We wish or not it is excreted out. If it stays that itself may lead to many diseases.

Siddha, Ayurveda and unani physicians strongly condemn the opinion of allopathy doctors. The release of semen is completely different when releases during intercourse and masturbation. Although masturbation seems to be the common habit of both men and women, nervous disorders affect men in this case.

While doing masturbation with the imaginary partner, both body and mind will be tired. So semen dilution and nervous disorders result in impotence.

As the allopathic doctors rightly said, Semen is the excretory substance. In nature, it is a phenomenon  that body will excrete it automatically. So there is a difference between the automatic excretion of semen and the forceful act of an individual.

Excess of everything is dangerous. Excretion of urine and faeces should be twice a day. Therefore, excessive release of semen will also be dangerous and naturally leads to impotence.

Practically, we can those who has the habit of excessive masturbation won’t be having the capacity of reproduction and they are failing in producing offsprings. So the opinion of allopathic doctors are not believable.

Bodily factors are not only responsible for the impotence. There are many factors there. Although it is not proven scientifically, we can’t avoid the practical factors which are responsible for impotence.

Generally, nowadays the younger generation does not have a belief on horoscope. Media and some fake horoscopic persons are the reason for this attitude. In the past, media preached about the siddha medicine and the organic farming are the fake ideas. Now they are doing the same with horoscope and some traditional knowledge of this country.

I’m not saying everything is right in superstitious belief’s and in horoscope. But there are some real facts in it. We have to find out the facts. We can get many beneficial things if we study these things in a proper way.

Ancient astronomers such as varaha mihirar, baskarar suggests that predicting the time of birth of a person's life helps in predicting some diseases, which can occur in the future.

For example, according to horoscope, eighth place is determining the state of sexual organ. If the graham is weak in the eighth place, there will be issues in sexual activity.

Also, sevvai graham which is known as marmasthanapathi, will give sexual abnormality if 5th or 9th place kedhu occurs from the sevvai graha’s stand in thrikona sthanam. If sevvai in eighth place and kedhu at second will also result in sexual abnormalities.

Eventhough, science reveals that the bodily and mental changes are responsible for the impotence. I can’t accept it as it is. Because every creature on earth has impacted with the other planets. So the consequences can be the result of grahas too, as said by ancient scholars.

We know sea ebbs on full moon day and in amavasyai. Even the vast sea can’t able to escape the attraction of the moon, so does man. Therefore, if we study the horoscope well in this case, we can put a full stop to the problem of impotence.

For quick relief, we can utilize allopathic medicines in this case. But we cannot be dependable continuously on allopathic medicines for the impotence defect, as allopathic medicines have various side effects which deteriorate the health further. Thus, people should rely on siddha medicines and they should take it for six months. Those simple siddha herbs will steadily give the cure and people can permanently get cured out of impotence.

1.   Withania somnifera – 700g
2.   Curculigo Orchioide – 700g
3.   Dry Ginger – 70g
4.   Pepper – 70g
5.   Peperilal – 70g
6.   Cardamom – 35 g
7.   Cloves – 35g
8.   Mesuraferrea – 35g
9.   Plumbagozeylanica – 70g
10. Nutmeg – 35g
11. Indian Bay-leaf – 35g
12. savviyam – 72g
13. Unriped Date – 525g

Get all the above from the native medicine shop. Powder it finely. Dissolve half a kilogram jaggery in three litres of cow’s milk. Boil it on medium flame. When it comes to paste form, add those herbal powders in it. After the heat goes on, 350 ml of honey and 700 ml of ghee should be added and kept in airtight glass container. The important thing in it is to utilize mud vessels and wood fuels to prepare this medicine. After five days, the medicine should be taken 3 times a day. Hence, it gives the good cure for impotence.

Many have this impotence problem as a result of problems in Graha’s irregularities. For impotence problems, there are some herbs which facilitates the good grasping from grahas. Herbs such as Bootha vedhala uppu, Gana erumai, Virachaver, Jodhi pul should be kept inside thayathu should be wored across the hip. I have seen the 100% remedy for persons out of it.

But these herbs have become very rare in the present days. It is rarely obtained from sadhuragiri and from the imayam. Only few people know about it and they are expecting more amount from a business point of view.

These herbs can be obtained by rich only. I don’t want that to happen. So I’m planning to grow the herbs. God will bless me for the deed. If at all young generations became impotent, our nation’s development won’t be in a fast manner. So experienced people should help younger generation to escape from this defect.

Important Note : 

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Jesus Himself, is not a Christian !!!

   Many Christian pastors saying that ‘Forgiving sinner’s is the biggest mercy, and only Christians possess that mercy’. The pastors are saying that forgiveness of sins is the complete surrender and those who believe in forgiveness of mercy are also not taking it in that sense. They are thinking that everything will be alright when chanting the prayers after biting the ears of opponents. Therefore, every sin is happening again and again.

In truth, Hindu religion insists that no one can escape from the punishment for the sin. It has a reason too. Every religion in the world is speaking about sins and virtues or benefaction. Every religion insists not to do sins

Atheists who say “one who worship god is a fool and one who teaches Him is a primitive” are also not insisting to do the sins. So, Masses in the world hate sins. But those who hate the sins are creating new sins day by day.

After knowing it is wrong, how can the sins keep on increasing?

Mankind is just running behind the pleasure and expecting it in every deed. He won’t do things which don’t give pleasure. While searching the life without sorrows, he is not thinking about the do’s and don’ts and just passing everything without consideration. I have heard a sentence often in the childhood. It was ‘A sacred cat went to heaven with a fish in hand’. Nowadays human beings are behaving like the cat. It is like speaking sacred things and thinking of sins.

If I am doing a sin, I have to get punished for that sooner or later. Chain smoker can’t ask for forgiveness and get cured of Lung cancer. At the same time it is a foolishness and stupidity when someone says ‘come, I’ll forgive your mistakes’. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We can get tender coconuts after cultivating bitter guard from the soil.

I have to drink water for my thirstiness. Same way, I have to bear the punishment to my wrong deeds. No one can stop the punishment. God is not giving punishment, but a chance to realize and correct ourselves. A good mother is the one who makes her dirty child clean and make bath, not the one who puts perfume on dirt.

God is mightier than mother. God paved many ways to clean up our soul for spiritual development. No one has the right to stop the journey as the way has some difficulties. But it is not realized by Christian pastors. They are preaching that they have the right to forgive others sins. They also admit people won’t be having the relief from worldly difficulties until and unless they convert to Christianity. It is a big blunder.

If at all their sayings are right, even Jesus himself is not a Christian. Christianity was established about many hundreds of years after the birth of Jesus Christ. As he is not a Christian, Jesus himself can’t able to get relieved for his sins. If they are accepting this opinion, they can continue the ceremony of forgiveness of sins. We don’t have the problem.

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